Thursday, December 29, 2005

Arabic video clips

Folks, did you notice, or it is just me?
In the past 3 years, we have had more singers than we probably had in the 10 years previouse to that. Is this like a direct result to the way arabic music videos are going? So many new names, and so many new ways that one seems to have hard time keeping up with.

The other day, I was watching the new vido clip for majda alroumy (I forgot the song, but I think it's called al7obb wal3afaaf???). Then soon after that video, a new video clip for a singer called dana (??) and it's called "boss ely, 7ar2oslak 3alwa7dah wnoss...". In the beginning of that clip, a writings on the screen said in arabic "for the first time, a new singer without any plastic surgery". What the hell? Anyway, the singer dances like a stripper and shows way way way too much of her body and seductive moves.

I've seen many more videos along that line. The reason I watch them because my wife takes control of the remote control while I surf the net on my laptop.

So, why are the video clips going this route? Oh, you are asking me about this route. my bad.
This is what I think the route is:
1) sexy female singers dancers moving their bodies in a seductive way
2) Male singers who jump up and down pretending to be michael jackson or that spanish dude (the live lavita loca thingie)
3) Words that don’t relate at all to the video clip (like that "chad" gay looking dude)
4) mexican/salsa/jamaica style dancing that has nothing to do with arabic at all

So, that was the route. What are the possible causes?

1) Demands from the new generation of arab youth, as we know in economics, supply and demand, if there is a demand, there will always be a market
2) The strive to change, even if it was a negative change
3) The phenomena of rich arab guys who are willing to finance a new dancer/singer to make her video clip after a private session in that rich's man hotel room
4) Super star????
5) Everybody wants to be like nancy and haifa????
6) satellites TV's???

I don't, just a thought.


charmed said...

I was just about to post something about this new phenomenon that I don’t know when it exactly started!!! I thought that I didn’t miss much change in the Arab world in the past few years but watching melody, mazzika and many other music channels, it seems that I’ve missed too much in soooo little time.

Khalidah said...

The way I see it .. it is a message!
Ask yourself this question: who is the audience to these channels?
It is our teenagers
give it some thought and let me know if you still think that it is a supply and demand thing

The change starts with the young generation; do you think that their days will be any where near our days? imagine how their future will be when their role model is a sleazy singer wearing almost nothing and has a body of a goddess and a face of a beauty queen ... ahhhhh ... don't get me started

Jameel said...

Look at the bright side,
1- There is more to choose from
2- Sat. TV broke the monopoly of Gov. TV, so now you can choose what to see and hear instead of some 150 yr. old self-proclaimed music expert in the Egyptian public TV.
3-Despite all the mock, more good art is being produced than before.
4- Sexual favors have always been the easy way in.

Hani said...

Well, first of all the live lavita loca guy is named Ricky Maritn, I guess :p, dont hit me.

Man, the main reason is that they have a place to be in...the channles who almost dont control what is played, thye just play it... and a sexual attraction for the younger generation, perhaps most of them watch those songs while TV is muted so thier parents wont kick thier A$$es!

now, from a financial & marketing view, I would play those things on my channel so i dragthe largest slide of audiences to my channel... then i sell commercials based on those numbers!

It is all about the money where ever you look from!

Haitham Sabbah said...

7) All of the above.

salam said...

no plastic surgery?this makes sense ..if it's all natural she can shamelessly show it ..right?

theone said...

i think we have that much of new singers coz most of them just go and make one hot clip then el nas bnsoo wa bjee 3'eroo ele bjreb nafs el shi .. el baqaa2 la el akthar etharaa

Spoiled said...

LOL @ "For the first time, a new singer without any plastic surgery!"

I still think they should be executed...

Bo3Bo3 said...

u have no idea how much. :-)

True, teenagers are the audience, but we also have to help somehow. If people didn't show that there is a huge base for such "art", then such "art" won't exist no more.

still, the trend is negative, won't u agree? Maho we either improving, staying the same, or going backward, right?

ooooh yeaaaaaah babe, it's all about money, and those teenagers don't have money, they get it from parents.

LOOL te3jebny.

I agree, the "no plastic..." introduction comment to the clip was like a silly claim. Maybe dana has no plastic surgery, but she sure shows way too much meat, and way too many "forbidden dance" types. LOOL

a singer has two things working for her (him). Looks and voice. In theory, the voice has to be the dominent one. But today, it's the looks, the silicone fillings, and the seductive moves are what sells now that we "watch" music instead of "listening" to it.

I was like "LOOOOL" too when I read that. Check the song, called "bosselly" for dana.

Thanks all for your comments, I appreciate it.

Rana said...

The strive to change, even if it was a negative change

what a change we are up to Bo3Bo3,going to the end of that road.
i stopped watching arabic vido clips a long time ago,i feel they are seeling their bodies there.
i belive we r trying to immitate foriegn and american music,sadly we are only immitating and copying the wrong angle.
a pity them,and feel sad of them who thinks that a too short skirt wld ring her more audiance,and make ppl love her.

Nice blog inta kaman :D have a good day!

Sam said...

Sex Sells. Btw has anyone seen my bottle of baby oil around?

uuyuycg gy said...

pplk l

Khalid said...

I think Khalida got right... IT is all about money and sex sells just about anything. Even a 7-up commercial does have sexual tones to it...
What do you expect from ART....The owner had a huge sexual scandal not too long ago... She is also married to a graduate of Egyptian-Entertainment University....Ha..Ha..
I also like to add that the demand is very high... I kind of like the change... I wish I was 20 yrs younger.