Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Leave me Alone

Leave me alone, I have paid my dues
Guilty feelings and suffering are my dooms
Living in the shadow fearing those who accuse
My life has been a song of misery and blues

Leave me alone, what more from me do you seek?
The crime has been done, on the strong and the weak
Stop lynching me, blaming me, for I’m no longer a freak
Your words are like the sword, killing me, constant critique

Leave me alone, I’m tired of this journey of the outcast
Always accused, lectured, reminded of the days of the past
For many years, I got punished by those toward me massed
What would you hush you up? Electric chair, or being gassed?

Leave me alone, for you don’t really understand
What I went through….. and still withstand
Being labeled a loser, and a criminal of the land
And from lecturing about morals, I am banned?

Leave me alone, and try to look into my eyes
Or hear my heart, maybe you would hear the cries
Of that past reminder, the looks, and the implies
If only you can hear my prayers at night that reaches the skies

Leave me alone, your approval I seek no more
I have found Allah that accepted me and more
And found that someone that loved me like never before
For I am no longer have to worry about the war
That for many years agonized my soul, and my heart it tore

Leave me alone, or you know what, don’t
Repentance to you, no, I don’t want
To give me mercy, something you just can’t
And your love, no, no, I think not.


sunny said...

i like this poem.. can i use it on a community i made at orkut??

pls do mail me at sunny.karira@gmail.com

jay said...

actuly i m dnt lik this poster,,,,,
bcos i hate to be alone....sumtimes.....
so... i changed in and put "DNT" btwn.... i and want