Friday, December 09, 2005

Persistence of Memory

AAAAAH yes, Salvador Dali's one of greatest work, the persistence of memory. So many times I enjoyed looking at this great art, and each time, it seems as if I’m seeing it for the first time.

Memories, bad ones, usually haunt us for so many years. We struggle so much to escape them, and in most times, we fail. Somehow, our mind finds a place somewhere there in the back of our brain, and would store such memories. On occasions, this mind of ours would tease us and pull those memories out so we can shed a drop of tear, or enjoy a little smile if it was a happy memory.

Sad memories are the ones that stick so much in the back of our minds overcoming the good memories. We tend to pull out the sad ones more than we would pull the good ones. Do we enjoy going through such sad memories?

Time is creeping on us. Or are we are the ones creeping on it? Back in my polymer science studies, there was a nice course about creep in polymers (plastics). And back then during the lecture, I mentioned the persistence of memory art piece, and to my surprise, the teacher had it in mind too, and he went upstairs and came back with the painting printed out. The clock that is on the table is creeping. Is it time?

No matter how hrd u tried to overcome time, it will come back and haunt you through those sad moments of your life. Anything could trigger such creeping on you. Could be song that reminded you of someone. Or an incident. Or it could be a food dish or a drink, or even a place. Somehow, our brains will manage to bring back those memories.

Now, ask yourself this question. If you have the chance to wipe out those sad memories, would you? Would you completely delete them from your memory? The first answer that come to mind is usually yes, but if you think about it for more than 20 seconds, you'd probably say NO. We hate those sad moments, but we need them in our lives. Joy is so beautiful when it comes right after sadness. Black would look so great, against a white background.

AAAAH, yes, the persistence of memory was indeed a great piece of art. Our brains are also great pieces of art, and even though time will creep on us, our brains manage to stay in control. They would even challenge time and would demand not to delete any of those memories. They are what shaped who we are after all.

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