Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Superwoman does exist

I guess this post is dedicated to her...superwoman
Allthough Bo3Bo3 may sound an anti-woman some days..but thats because people missunderstand what he is trying to say..or deliver.
She is the mother of my children...and we can all try and analyze the amount of love or compassion that a woman has towards her children..but I guarantee you that we are not giving her half the credit she deserves.
She is a complete half..of the man. Thats to say that a man is only half man without his essential other half. The cup of coffee never tastes the same if she didn't put her magical touch on it. A smile is never a smile unless it comes from her shiny face. Allthough the time of miracles has long gone, and only Jesus had the healing hands upon touching a living soul, yet, her touch is a true healer when she lays her hand on the man;s shoulder for comfort.
Superwoman does exist..and it's no miracle to her. She loves being superwoman and she withstands not taking the full credit for her role in life. Try holding a baby in ur body for 9 months..and maybe you'll understand. I thought I did understand..but every day, i come to the realization that superwoman is becoming more super every day.
This is dedicated to superwoman. Without her, I'm half the man I think I am. But my superwoman is more super than any other woman out there..she is again, my superwoman.
I found that she is more super these days...My parents have been visiting me in the past 4 months. I was worried that she may be aggrivated by their presence..but..God..she is super. I have never seen so much love or compassion that any woman gives her parents, as much as my superwoman gives my parents. One would quickly become confused into thinking that they are her parents, and not in-laws. She takes care of them beyond belief..more than I do. She smiles to them more than i do. She comforts them more than I do. Sometimes, i become frustrated, especially with my dad, only to find my wife siding with him against me. And in our bedroom, she lectures me on how I should be more forgiving for their age, and should be more tolerable for their age. And when I say "come on honey, when was the last time you dressed freely in your own home?" Her answer is always "their comfort and their blessings are what will make you or me enter paradise"
I'm just amazed for her level of patience..and the sacrifices she is giving. Any woman in her shoes would've gone mad if her in-laws stay for 4 or 5 months..and this superwoman is never bothered by their presence. Add to that the fact that my parents become pushy sometimes, and would nag about her and what she is doing in the kitchen or going to the mall...yet, her responce is always a smile and sweet words to them. They then quickly forget their naging and start treating her better than their own daughter.

Oh well, happy mothers day honey for you are one hell of a superwoman out there.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


So I got up this morning to drive to cinci city. It's about 2 hours drive..and I had to make it. It was on a short notice, but thats the nature of my job.

Typically, I would get to the hotel room, order dinner, and get to work from my room. I sometimes debate myself to get the heck out and just take a walk while enjoying a camel's light smoke..but I usually fail. this time, I insisted on me getting out of the room. Life is more than just work work work.

So i walked on the ohio river side..and it was beautifull. I passed by Hooters..paused there..and again debated myself to go in. But come on were just in Hooters last week in memphis, come on buddy...just keep walking..come on, you can do it. I won finally..I mean the good side of bo3bo3 won (for a change). I walked to this nice sea food restaurant..called "Fish Market" on the shores of ohio river. I had to eat at the bar because thats where smoking is allowed. There was this woman who had a big cake in front of her..and she was laughin with the bar tender about how big is this cake.

I felt the urge to speak...not because she was beautifull..but simply because I have a big mouth. "hey..i can help you with that if you wish" I said. She laughed..and asked "can I join you?". Suddenly, I felt bad. All I wanted is to be friendly with this woman. "sure you can" I said. But deep inside, I was screaming "damn it lady..please don't"

Suddenly, she started yacking and talking about middle east, politics, love, diversity (and how she dated hispanic and african americans even though her dad didn't like it) and yada yada yada. I tried to ignore her as much as possible..but hey, even a bo3bo3 gets distracted by a half-dressed woman half drunk in a bar.

She then hit me with the big one. "can I get your email address so I can ask more questions about the middle east?". I paused for few seconds..and said sure u could. "I'll give it to you before I leave". I was counting on her forgetting the whole matter or maybe get a hint. At any rate, the food was great..and folks, try the oysters covered with lemon, garlic, and melted cheese with a side of spinach.

an hour later, she got up and said "it was nice knowing you,I gotta go now" I said "pleasure was mine, please drive carefully". I was relieved that she forgot about the email address (or even if she intentionally didn't ask for it, i didn't care in any way). I quickly paid my bill and left the restaurant fearing that she'll be back now that she knows I'm not from cinci city.

Oh well..I took the short walk back to the hotel..and passed hooters..and forced myself to keep walking. Who knows what was awaiting me at Hooters at this time of the night.

Here are some photos of the beautifull cinci city.

Friday, March 16, 2007

It's been a month

It's been a month since I posted anything. I'm really busy these days, and work is taking a toll on me. The responsibilities are growing and so are the expectations. My parents are visiting me these days. Allthough I love them so much, but I feel sad for I'm not able to take them around the states. I'm traveling like crazy these days..and I seem to spend more nights in hotels than my own home. I have lost good amount of weight in the past 2 months....and seem to smoke more these days.

For all my beloved anti-smoke nazi's, I promise that I'll quit very soon...maybe days. I guess this post is for those who are close to me and all those who care. Consider it a quick update on how is my life going on. Searching for a car, but it has to be uglier than my wife's car...or else..I'm in trouble.

My email is for all those who want to stay in touch. I can't promise when is my next post will be...but I sure miss blogging.

Note: my wife is a walking angle...I trully believe so, and I'll tell you why next time. God bless