Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So he is finally executed, Stanley William

What a dilemma that is. This incident of the execution of Stanley William has stirred some thoughts in me. I feel that I have split personalities that are analyzing the situation and none of them is able to convince the other.

Bo3Bo3-A thinks that finally justice has been served. He strongly believes that blood is for blood. You murder someone, u pay exactly the same price, and that is ur life. 10, 20, or even 25 years later, as in the case of Stanley execution, it has to be served, justice that is. It's time for the families of the victims to feel peace at end.

Yet, Bo3Bo3-B thinks that this man is not the same man 25 years ago when he committed his crime. he is a changed man, and his actions are the best witness. He was even nominated for the Nobel peace prize for his actions to prevent gang fights, and to elevate the communities of poor neighborhoods. He is truly a changed man. Wasn’t 25 years in prison enough? God accepts repentance from those who go astray, and he would eliminate all the sins once someone repents back to him, why can't we?

So you see, I have this war inside of my mind (and such war is not really good for a dude who works with chemicals day in and out) that keeps going on and on and on. Not one side is able to convince the other side with any stand.

What is right? Vengeance calls seems not to leave us alone. Rigid justice seems to be always the most comfortable choice we choose. Should we re-evaluate our stand on capitol punishment? Or we should leave it alone to serve justice for those most affected by crimes. Is it for us to determine if the victims and their families should simply forget about their lost ones? I don’t know.


Hareega said...

really dude i had mixed feelings about this guy's execution. First I'm glad they did exactly what the law stated because if he the death sentence was dropped, you'll find all criminals in prison turn into Jesus the very next day and pretend they found the right way....etc

Hwever it made me believe more and more in that the death penalty should be cancelled, because it doesn't allow people to have a second chance.

Probably this guy Williams really did repent and feel sorry for his mistakes, but what if he was executed immediately after the verdict nwas made, wouldn't he have missed the chance to become a righteous person?? By death penalty we prevent people from having a second chance to correct themselves.

Bo3Bo3 said...

wallah ya abu narah, as u can see, I do too. I mean seriously, for the first time in many years, I fail to take a clear stand on an issue.

I don't know man, it's one of those collatoral damage that are falling because of our system.

Hani said...