Thursday, December 15, 2005

I believe in you

Reach into the bottom of my wicked soul,
tear out the darkness you will find there.
I have no need for that monster howl
Release the chanting in my heart I’m in despair
Break it, smashed it, before it makes us fall,
and sung to the whole world, like they’ll care.

Open me, I beg you to free my spirit,
so I may dance and feel joy once again,
A child I am like, and without you I can’t do it
Chase away the monsters so I can live free of pain.

I don't want to ever loose you,
leave this all behind and start new,
this path in life we didn't choose,
it chose us, now we can not loose.

Passed is the time to make do,
I've been to hell and now I’m with you,
I want to start over, to choose the undo,
to move forward and be alone with you.

You took care of me cause you know I love you,
our home, our life, I want it only with you,
we can do it darling, I believe in you.


ABA said...

very nice bo3bo3, i like it

SimSim said...

very nice and sweet Bo3Bo3 I will be back to read the rest :give: