Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sin keeps creeping on me

Sometimes, admitting the guilt puts a relief on the soul. On occasions, I practice this habit, to ease up my pain. Many times I sinned before, and each time I say, no more, I find the sin creeping back at me.

So yes, I am sorry to say that I am a weak man. Very weak. I’ll tell the story, and many may never speak to me again, but that’s the price I have to pay, in order to heal the soul.

Not too long ago, I was walking on some street. Then suddenly, I saw her. So beautiful, so sweet, so…ummm..so amazing. I tried to resist, knowing that this is something I shouldn’t do. I knew it was wrong, and against my belief. Yet, I simply couldn’t resist the lust that was building inside of me. I know that some of you (if not all) will say “but bo3bo3, how could u? it is wrong”. I seriously know, and understand. But I am a man after all, and a man has his weaknesses when faced with such seduction. I’d like to see you in my place, what could’ve you done.

I got her, and quickly walked back to my hotel room. As soon as I got in the room, I couldn’t wait or resist. I got her naked very quickly. I know that some stopped reading at this point, but, I have to get it out of my system. She was laying naked, right there in front of me. Legs so sweet and tender. Breast that is magical. Tanned, as if she was in the sun all day. Oh God, I just sat there looking at her, while she was seducing me more.

Then I had to do it. I jumped on her, with my mouth all over her. I wanted her, all of her. God what a night it was. That was one sweet baked tender juicy chicken I had in my life, although I promised never to have someone like her, but as I said, I am a weak man. I had her all. Every part of her body. Everything, and I sat there, afterwards, singing the blues for the crime I have done. I shall never do it again.

Will I ever do that again? I hope not. I hate her kind. I never liked her kind at all, but she managed to seduce me beyond the point of…ummm..withstanding. Yes, I have sinned again.