Wednesday, January 04, 2006

After Christmass Sale

You know, guys are supposed to me guys, and you may have heard the term "it’s a guy thing" many times. I always believed that shopping is for women. Spending hours in the mall screening sales, and new clothes is never a guy thing. When a guy goes to the mall, he would directly go toward sears or bestbuy to check the new power tools, and big screen tv’s. On occasions, he would stand for like 30 minutes in front of this big screen TV just imagining how beautiful his living room would look with the addition of this TV to it. And how lovely it is when he is watching the superbowl or the Roseball football matches while sitting with his friends.

So I was married for 5 years, and over the past years, I found myself slipping into the women’s dark world of shopping. Lately, I’ve been spending hours in the mall, going to GAP for kids, and screening through the 50% and clearance sale racks of women’s cloths. I never imagined that I’ll be this weak, but realty hurts, doesn’t it.

This past weekend, I went to the mall, alone, at 800 am, while the wife and junior were asleep. I went directly to the women’s cloths, and fought my way through a sea of hungry for clearance women. Many of them looked at me a weird look, as if they were wondering "is this guy lost? Does he know that this is women’s cloths? Is he a cross-dresser?". I didn’t care, I just wanted to buy women’s cloth, it is the clearance season, right after Christmas.

Rack after rack, I drove my way through the sea of all women and not one man, except bo3bo3. I even fought with a woman for a nice beautiful jacket. She was looking at it, and I was waiting to jump on it the minute she puts it back. Well, she did put it back, and yes I did jump on it like a hungry wolf jumping on a lamb. She looked at me and said "I’m not done looking at it" but I said "it was on the rack, not in your hands" and turned away and kept moving while she said "what a jerk". Like I care anyway. The cjaket was so damn beautiful, and until now, I don’t even know what was it’s size, I just wanted it it, it looks good on my sister.

By the end of the day, I spent $380, and bought so many things. Heck, I got a $40 shirt for $1.78, that’s over 95% sale. Damn it, look at me, I even sound like a woman talking about what a deal it was. What’s wrong with me? Maybe it is time to visit my shrink again.


Khalidah said...

Again my dear friend .. I tell you .. welcome to our universe ..

Shopping can be therapeutic and relieves so much stress as long as you are careful with the finances ..

It is said that a man would spend $1 for a $2 item he did want, but a woman is likely to spend $2 for a $1 item she did not want .. so don't get carried away with this fling ... you had your fun ... don't go to your shrink .. simply move on :)

kinzi said...

Bo3 Bo3, I'm rolling!

Hey, it's a hunter/gatherer thing, not limited to the female domain! You are a very funny man, and give great insight to 'our universe'.

Niyalak! I send my sis-in-law a shopping list for those sales...she and I hold out for 75% off. My favorite place to get GAP kids clothes is Souk il Abdali on Fridays, tags on new for 2JD

Bo3Bo3 said...

LOOL for the comparison. So you are saying I am not in danger of switching to the other side? LOOL good to know. :)


yeah, I hold on too. Sometimes, we get sale as big as 90% toward the end of the season, and thats when I loose it big time. :)

jortex said...

Hello Bo3Bo3
I don't know how did i end up here, are you mokhabrat or something, i came from mahjoob, logedin using jordannet or jordanians site ID, showing my real name, do i go shopping or save for a bail out?


Bo3Bo3 said...


LOOL dude, I am no mokhabarat, no sir, not at all. Why would u wanna say that?

I'm just a shoppoholic.