Saturday, December 10, 2005

Born again Jordanian

Strange that bad events will bring out the best of us. Few days back, terror struck the heart of Jordan, in the great city of Amman. The city that gave refuge to so many people from the surrounding countries. A city that was the true mother of children she never had. Terror struck the heart of our lands.

Yet, out of destruction, new hope was born. New Amman was born. Suddenly, being a Jordanian is a very great feeling. Suddenly, the word "Jordanian" holds so much pride and love as well as persistence. Suddenly, it looked like an honor to be called a Jordanian.

This evil act left us with a scare and a deep wound. But it also cause the birth of true nationalism in Jordan. Jordanian embassies all over the world were overwhelmed with the support of foreigners as well as Jordanians abroad. As if we were eager for this to happen to scream and cry out loud "we love you mother land, we love you Jordan".

SMS messages were traveling in the speed of light between Jordanians all over the world. "Today, I'm more Jordanian that any other day" one read. Another one read "Jordan first, our home, love it or leave it".

This terror act may have cause physical damage on emotional on many of us, but it sure cause us to be closer together than ever. Now, being a Jordanian is a pride label. Non-Jordanians even screamed "we are too Jordanians today".

Are we born again Jordanians? Did this deep wound started a new life in us? I don't know, but I am sure enjoying saying "I'm Jordanian and I am god damn proud of it". A reminder always know that no Amman didn't and will never cry. She will still always be the mother that will receive more children who are not her, and she won't mind not for a second holding them.


Kommy said...

Salam Bo3.Bo3,)
I love Jordan and always have been somehow, proud of it and always will be, no matter what.That much I know. It is in the blood inside me and the air outside me.

Somehow, I do not really feel this particular pride that you are talking about as a result of this noxious event. Pride is not on the list of emotions and feelings that I have experienced at the time and afterwards.

why are you suddenly proud of Jordan because of this????

Best Regards,

Bo3Bo3 said...

It's just a reaction kommy. After 9/11 in the states, the best selling item was the american flag. It's just a reaction to a sad event.
Those of us who are abroad, they may have found that as an execuse to feel attached to home. Maybe it reminded them of home. Many of us just live abroad and slowely lose connection with the nationalism inside their hearts. Maybe this incident stirred something in them. Watching a bleeding watan as if it was sceaming to it's citizens "please help me, stand by me, today is the time".

I don't know.

Hey, thanks for commenting, didn't know that u r a blogger too.

Anonymous said...

It is s great feeling to feel Jordanian. Nobody would understand it unless they were born Jordanians, or lived in Jordan for quite a while.