Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I live in a world

I live in a world where i have to secure all my doors
Because we mortals hurt and start all these wars
I survive by staying inside and protected by me
Close all the windows, and issue my decree

I live in a world that isn't really pretty
Cops in the cities don't have very much pity
For women who f**k for a little bit of money
Believe me this world ain't made of sugar and honey

I live in a world where blood is cheap we’re told
Where love is bought and souls are easily sold
Where wounds are deep ane are covered up quickly
Cuz time is money, and no room for the sickly

We live on a stolen land, so we all could be free
Rulers already forgot about agony and poverty
Slaves built houses while chained to the ground
Cheap labor, minimum wagers, call them how it sound ?

I live in a world that's dissolving away
Where rapists are awarded and women are thrown away
Where children grow alone in a house full of hate
Taught, miserable, molested, …yeah, what a fate

So should I shut up because I’m not your level?
Or cuz I’m a jerk or an advocate of the devil?
Oh, should I show a little respect for intellectuals amongst us?
Follow their rules? And watch them sell us?

So should I settle down, embrace and listen to you?
What makes you God? I don’t see through your view
And if I don’t sit down and shut the f**k up
You’ll send your dogs to tear me up

You teach about history, and promote our moral dreams
But in realty, you try to deceive us with lying schemes
Stealing is against the law, on a stolen land
How ironic man, can you help me understand?

So sit the f**k down And shut the f**k up
Sit the f**k down Shut the f**k up.


Hani said...

Nice piece dude! Sad though!

Ironic-Eye ;)

Bo3Bo3 said...

Hey ironic dude, thanks for commenting man. Yeah I know, sad, and ugly, but ain't this world is all about? glad that u enjoyed it.