Sunday, December 25, 2005

Chapters from the Dark side

I used to (and still) post some poems I write that are related to dark side, and gothic poetry, in a forum. I enjoy reading and writing such work. It may not be perfect or even good, but I like them pretty much, so I'll post a couple of them here. Hope that someone out there enjoy this like I do.

I fear you no more

I am now happy that you're no longer here
You can't hurt me now so don't come near
You were the beast that taught me my fear

You've crushed me up, you've made me insane
You've given me agony and burning pain
You've left me to drown in hammering rain

You've condemned everything I've ever done
You crushed every chance of me to have fun
Yet I stand in front of you, yes I have won

Oh wicked one, why did you try to control me?
I'm not under your grasp, I’m always free
And now that I’ve won, I’ll be what I want to be

You wonder why I so much hated you
The answer was evident I thought you knew
You frighten me no more, you know that's true

I now control you, and will let you lead
In times I feel that we both must feed
On misery, agony of others and dread

Maybe one day it will all change
Maybe one day it won't be so strange
Maybe one day I'll be in your range

Darkness Tears

I feel fatigued, tired and in so much despair
My heart beats miserably, wrecked beyond repair
I wish I could go to sleep, and never ever awake,
But I've always known; life is never ours to take.

If it was all up to me, I'd want to die while a sleep,
There's no one to stop me and the cut is already too deep
I could slit my throat, and no-one would even care,
But I know deep inside of me that I wouldn't dare

Sitting up all night, alone in my room
Shaky and weeping, imagining doom
Nothing here to distract my mind, my fears.
There's no-one around, to even dry my tears.

So as I held the blade, feeling my veins
A cry from within, screaming, please refrain
I looked around and no one do I see
Yet, somehow, my soul decided to once again, be.


Nana said...

That was deep.
I don't prefer gothic poetry though.
am i optimistic, or simply hiding from reality? i don't exactly know.

nice blog Bo3Bo3 :hat:

Lady D.

Anonymous said...

actually the Darkness Tears is really great one...
too much feeling, i guess u were angry, and having a bad feelings when u came up with it!
the Rayming was good, but not as good as the "I fear you no more"

great job bo3bo3 :give:

urs abboodeh

Anonymous said...

It's just great. I don't know what else to say. You really caught my atention. Right in the middle of my heart!