Monday, December 12, 2005

Time Traveler

Wish it were realty. Wish I was one. I could go back 25 years to when I was 11 years old (or 12, who's counting anyway) where we used to have soccer matches between neighborhoods. I remember building the goals with woods and collected some money to buy uniforms and net. When the other neighborhoods used to come to our field and we played them like champions. At the end of every Thursday, I would go home tired, dirty, and happy. The metallic object that was inserted into my leg some 22 years ago is my remaining item that reminds me of those good old days
Wish I was one, that travels flying on white clouds toward Jordan. To the hills where shepherds and their sheep used to roam the desert land before these new buildings rose up in the skies. When life was so simple, and the smile would never depart from that old Jordanian Bedouin face.
Wish I was a time traveler where I can roam the skies back and forth from any place to the other, trying to change destiny by alerting people with catastrophe that are few days ahead. Telling victims that they are about to get murdered, raped, or tortured.
I wish I were one that can go to the future just to see what it holds to others and me. aaaah what I would do for just a glimpse into the future, just one quick look.
A time traveler that travels the speed of light to visit civilizations, to meet great people like the prophet of Islam, or Jesus, or even Alexander the great. Wonder what life looked like then.
Or even go further in the past to see how dinosaurs ruled the earth, and maybe witness the ice age from a distance.
Back and forth, what a life it would be.
Ok, wake up Bo3Bo3, nap time is over. Now go start an experiment or something.

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