Thursday, December 22, 2005

Joy of marriage

Being married is lots of fun. I’m not talking about the comfort of having a companion, a partner in life. But I’m talking about humor fun.
One of the funniest parts of marriage life is that you get to finally know the secrets and the ins and outs of a woman. Yes woman, that beautiful creature that God created to torture man with, before and after marriage. You always used to wonder what is in that heavy purse that women carry. Now you know, or maybe I should say I know. You wanted to know all those ritual behavior women do in front of the mirror for many many minutes, and now you know.
Many questions that always were on my mind before marriage. Now I know the minimum number of perfume bottles, a woman must have. Now I know how many hairbrushes she must have. Now I know what’s in the purse. Now I know why she needs two hair dryers. Now I know what are all these small make up sets are for. I used to wonder why a make up set has like 24 different colors, and all these strange names. Now I know.
Another side of fun is to finally know what women talk about when they get together. If you are lucky like me, she will allow you to join the gathering, and sometimes, participate. Don’t be surprised when I tell you that they will discuss makeup, politics, perostrika, unionization of the work force, cooking, and how to master the art of putting a diapers on a baby, all in one meeting. I think that this is very exciting, because when I’m with men, it’s always about sports, cars, and food, and on occasions, we talk about sexy models.
Marriage, is a cage, but the fact that man is willing to do so much to enter that cage, asserts that it’s a golden cage in heaven.


abdelstar alslimat said...

thats right.

kinzi said...

Very true! Marriage is such fun, and it only gets funnier as the years pass and private jokes multiply.

I'm glad you appreciate our ability to multi-task conversationally. :)

Natasha said...

First of all welcome to Jordan Planet Bo3 bo3. I enjoyed reading this post:) Very well-writen and very true:)

Tololy said...

Welcome to Jordan Planet, Bo3Bo3. I have seen you over Mahjoob's forums and I'm glad you finally decided to blog. Nice topic, right on :)

Bo3Bo3 said...

thanks dude

I am a bliever now :)

Glad to be part of such great gang. Thanks for the kind words

You did? Are you a member there? Thanks for the compliment

lulu said...

This is such a sweet and great post. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Bo3Bo3. I am definitely making my husband read this one! :)

Khalidah said...

Hi .. welcome to Jordan planet and to women planet my dear .. it seems you have a good access to the inside secrets of our feminine community ... and I am really glad you are enjoying the ride ... keep the fun going my dear ...
A really nice post!!

madas said...

I found myself laughing... th was actually very sweet.

Lina said...

I enjoyed that :) yes we do talk about every issue imaginable...

and the purse, ah the eternal mystery of the purse, I don't know why guys are always curious about what goes in there! And I have to say that I hate the small ones because they're very impractical, I'm a fan of larger ones :)

Bo3Bo3 said...

LOOL yes make him do that. Husbands don't realize that this is so much fun (and knowledge) until they try it themselves.

It will always be fun inshalla.

Thanks for reading :)

I am a believer now, got to see, feel, and taste it first hand.

salam said...

you post is genuine and nicely said.My favorite part of being married is the coziness and comfort that couples feel around each other.There is no other relationship quite like marriage when it comes to one's ability to be one's how about you do another post where you check with people what their favorite thing about marriage is..i am a huge fan of this establishment and I wish for everyone to find his'her soulmate.Well ,if you don't then maybe I will afterall.thanks for your post

Bo3Bo3 said...


u don't want all those single guys and gals hate us now, would u.

Vimto said...

Bo3Bo3... U are sweet!
Very nice and sweet post!

Den said...

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Anonymous said...

The naked truth about marriage :-)