Friday, December 16, 2005

Life is a .....

Turmoil, disaster, a funeral, an unknown journey...or should i say a watermelon? You either get a good one or a bad one, no in between, you and your luck (or destiny). In the end, it's too late, you just bought this watermelon, and u simply can't take it back.

Do u choose this watermelon? NO.
If your parents are Muslims, 99% you'll end up a Muslim.
If they are Christians, again 99% you will be the same.
If you are born with a defect, tough luck.
If you are born to be misplaced so far away from them, again, tough luck.

No one had a great life so far, I mean it wasn't perfect, and I'm sure u went through many bumps on the road, and took many turns. But to overcome all those obstacle, that’s great human reaction. Yet, many were unfortunate and simply either couldn't overcome the obstacles, or simply can't.

AAAH destiny, again keeps creeping on me (and you) teasing you, letting you know that it will always remain the mysterious unknown part of your life. It fools around with you. Sometimes it suggests to you that the doors of heavens are wide open, and once you reach those gates, they shut in your face. Destiny will be watching and laughing.

The sad and funny part is that with all your hardships, and all those bumps, if you were asked to go back in time and change a thing, you will chicken out. Because u know that there will be a trick from destiny, and it will always win. So why bother go through the bumps again, u already did one time.

You walk down the street and you look people trying to read their life. You think you know how, but you’re full of it. There is a woman who is holding a baby while smiling to others. You think she is fine and dandy, but what do you know? Maybe she has bruises underneath her shirt.

Or that dude who has this nice job and family and seems to be the greatest life, but u don't know that they have a kid at home who is mentally challenged.

Or that sweet looking girl who is full of innocence as she walks home from her high school, but u don't know that she has this relationship with her boyfriend, and now it's too late, and she is just thinking of how to hide this from her parents and future husband.

Or that happily married woman who is sitting with her husband eating dinner while enjoying their time, but u fail to see the agony in her heart now that she discovered a love letter in her husband's pocket.

Or that 10 years old boy playing outside with his friend, so joyful, so innocent, but u fail to see the wound that is left in his soul after being raped by his uncle.

aaaah destiny, it is watching us all the times, thinking of how to ruin our lives tomorrow and the day after. Yet, we wouldn't dare to change a thing, even if we could.

So, what is life again? oh yes, a watermelon.


Anonymous said...

life is 2 hope everyday is better than the day b4

Hani said...

It can be good it is destiny, we have something to blame when we fail, right?! Imagine we were to choose everything, including our parents, wouldn’t that be truly a hard job?!