Monday, January 30, 2006

Twisted Soul

I was watching the movie "interview with a vampire" and got inspired to write this poem. this poem is not about the life of a vampire, but something close to, and hope that you find it ok.

As the raindrops hit my face
and as I stare at this world
Watching these dark clouds
life's mysteries unfold

Life is not for me to find
its secrets i seek no more
what Im looking for are answers
not of life, but of sweet death

My existence, death cant be called
nor to life I cant make claim
by God, alive, I was made
and by man, my death is named

exhausting out my life’s flesh
to satisfy his starvation call
then filling me with life again
though im not alive, not at all

survival and reality would be
better suited terms
for what would be a life
Except darkness will destroy

forced to walk in the shadow of evil
with few companions in the dark
and even they don’t cheer me
as Im forced to consume their hearts

this life is empty and is so dull
and lonely to the soul
for to find a friend I’d damn them
and thats too expensive of a toll

so forever I shall lonely wander
in the darkness and in the night
wishing for a second death
to take me in its might

AAA (Bo3Bo3) 1/30/2006


Roba said...

I'm obsessed with The Vampire Chronicles.

Bo3Bo3 said...


wow, finally, someone else who enjoys this style of art too. Do u write such stuff too? I enjoy reading this style. :)

thanks for ur comments

abu_sharkas said...

wak sho ha sorah ya bo3bo3

ps. meshtaglak

Bo3Bo3 said...

abu sharkas
wana moshtag ya man.