Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Seek the truth no more

We are trained to search for the truth, at a very early age. You asked mom or dad "yo pops, mom, how did I come to this life" and they answered you "tomorrow you'll know". They know the truth, yet, they want you to go through the "correct" process when searching for the truth. In school, university, and even in life, you spend so much of your time searching for the truth.

By the time you finish college, you will be trained so darn good on how to seek and search for the truth. True love, true life, true future, true feelings, and all sort of true stuff.

Then you get married, and now you have a job. .............. and the search stops. It stops I tell ya. You have found the answers for so many things in life, from true love, to true feelings to true "present". That is it.

What do you mean that is it? well, it's just that is it. No more searching. No more seeking. Now you just find a place in this routine life and do the same everything day in and day out. Now you just have to spend time till your day comes. You start telling yourself "I have found my true me, my true love, my true job, my true God (or no God), my true....hummmm...my true "life".

Is this what I was trained all my early years for? This is it? It was fun when I had to search and seek, and research again for the truth. Life meant something back then. My mind was eager to find answers. Eager to find a true love. Eager to find out about God. Now I have found all what I was searching for. Now all i do is go to work in the morning, and go home in the evening. Only to enjoy life for a couple of hours by spending time with my true love, or reading a book, or what have u.

Is this is it? It can not be. It shouldn't be. Challenges are what give a taste to this life. Happiness is a great goal, but if it was without sorrow and sadness, it has no taste. Money is great, but if you don't go through hardships, it won't taste as great. Health is really good, but if you don't go throw sickness and pain, it would mean nothing. But those were physical aspects. What about the brain?

Yes what about the brain, and the soul. I seek challenges for the brain and the soul, yet I can not find any. My brain is seeking answers no more. My soul has settled out for the true God, and it is not accepting anything short of that.

Life is funny somehow. You climb Mount Everest, the greatest mount, and you go through hardship to get up there, and you finally reach your destination. Now what?

The soul and the mind strives on challenges, and if you don't have any, you should find some, because if you don't, you will be just another worker in the animal kingdom, going to work every day, in this killing routine.

don't know how to find challenges for the mind and soul.


Hani said...

Dude, why do you think they made something named “retirement” ?!
In this case, I think we should try an early retirement, or start to explore the world, travel… didn’t you happen to meet a 85 years old Swedish couple roaming in Jerash and wondering of those stones laying down the grounds?!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

i know what you are talking abt.. we always seem to have a motivation or always are seekin something in life...

sometimes i wonder do i really want to find my true love? i mean seriously what will i talk abt with my friends later?! hehe

i think there is a certain rush we feel not knowing things.. those moments of dreaming,hoping,wishing and wondering..

we have the need to look forward to something all the time.. this world is "FaAniyah" which is why we should always aim for heaven and not any worldy needs.. but i also wonder.. ok we reach heaven with God's MErcy INSha2Allah..for eternity.. will we be satisified THEN??

ISn't the reason we appreciate things like love and life is because we know its all gonna END??

$ome Things are just too deep for our brains to comprehend i guess..

Nora said...

"You climb Mount Everest, the greatest mount, and you go through hardship to get up there, and you finally reach your destination. Now what?"
If you want to seek higher, you have two choices. You either put more than one goal for yourself, or you put an undoable goal infront of your eyes. Then head for it.
Don't claim that you stopped searching. Searching is living.
By going to work each day, you are seeking what the day has got for you.
You will always, always be young. There's always more to know, more to live, more to feel. Each day is the first of the rest of your life. So go for it, you have all the time in the world.

Bo3Bo3 said...

Hani, Islamic chocoholic, Nora

Thanks all for readingand commenting. True that there shouldn't be a limit to the search. But sometimes, the soul starts to be over-daring in it's seek approach. Sometimes, the goals seem to be all fulfilled, and nothing left except this robotic routine aproach of life.

Nora said...

:) Bo3bo3, I hope you find whatever pleases you.