Monday, January 23, 2006

I still have you in my dream

Fallen shadows of my dream
kiss my mind at night, as I scream.
I can feel your touch and it feels so right.
If you have my heart, just hold it tight,

I never want to slip away, or even fade.
Take a journey to my soul, give it a shade
Take a journey into me, I know it’s uneasy
Twisted visions scrambled with erotic ecstasy.

Am I dreaming of you or your just a fantacy.
Can this be true…….. is it a reality.
Come into my world and dance with me
Let me touch you, love you endlessly.

I've learned to cope with this empty feeling
it is of you that I am always dreaming
As pathetic as it look or seems........
I still hold you close to me in my dreams

You give the chance, and I will show you
That love is what my heart always brew
And over and over again, I will make you
Reach the stars, yes my love is true

But when I awake the dream is over
And day after day I grow colder and colder
And though you were with me, and we all were free
I still have part of you that is everything to me

As pathetic as it look or seems.....
I still have all of you in my dreams


Khalidah said...

I love this poem Bo3Bo3, you really have a talent for this


Bo3Bo3 said...


allah yojbor khatrek :).

I see myself drifting away from gothic twisted wicked poetry into this new feelings I discoverd in me. Do you think it's possible to express admiration to darkness and wicked desires, and in the same time, express feelings of love and sweetness? Gotta keep some balance at one point.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

adjo73 said...

I've bought this book called "Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts" by Samar Dahmash Jarrah; a few weeks ago and I was facscinated by the facts that I read from ordinary Arab citizens. As an American it made me change the way I view Arabs (Muslims and Christians) in the Middle East and it also made me understand more about our foreign policy and Middle East politics.

Bo3Bo3 said...


Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm delighted that you have found some interest in arab cultures and thoughts. I think that the diversity in a country like jordan, where you'll find arabs and non-arabs, muslims and non-muslims, live side by side in a peacfull way is what makes such country great.

Thanks again.

Abdelstar alslimat said...

Alla aliak.

Glare said...


u write from the heart...