Monday, February 06, 2006


a dark and a sad day in history. allah yer7am roo7ak sayyedy wa7abeeby abo 3abdallah.


Hareega said...

man we had the same thought at the same time!
Alla yer7mao abu 3abdalla

Nas said...

wow, i completely forgot.

allah yer7amo. one of those moments I can never forget in my life. I knew exactly where I was and what I was doing the moment I heard. The moment the cars passed by me standing on the 6th circle. giant helicopters. one of those moments.

salam said...

The memory of that day makes me was one really sad day for Jordan but people's solidarity and the respect everyone had when we were all standing there in the streets taking the last look on the sad royal parade ,that was also something to remeber..the tears in everyone's eyses..families hugging and comforting each other in the streets..Allah Yer7amo!

FireBlizzard said...

ra7mato allah 3aleeh abu 3abdallah, and by the way it was on the 7th of february, not the 6th.

bilotee said...

Allah yer7amo ou yer7amna jamee3an.
I can not believe seven years have passed.

Bo3Bo3 said...

Hareega, Nas, salam, yazeed, bilotee

thanks all for commenting. True, the day was 2/7/99, my mistake.

And true, one can never forget that day, or what he/she was doing that day. I was shocked in front of the TV here in ohio for the whole day trying to accept what happened. Eventhough that all knew he was ill and his days are numbered, but still, the heart just couldn't accept the bitter fact of life. May allah have mercey on his soul for he was a true believer in his people, and a man of honor and humble. I've heard so many stories from my father of how humble this man was, down to earh with his people.

M!R@CHK@ said...

I remember i was crying in school alla yr7amo

Glare said...


Came across ur blog through Mahjoob.
Yeah, alla yer7amo o yer7am eljamee3. Still see his warm smile!
I was wondering why u wrote under the pic. "Sayede"? I guess i know wht u ment but it's still a very big word!

by the way, nice poetry :)

Bo3Bo3 said...

thanks for the compliment. it's been so long since my last poem, something is wrong with me I guess can't seem to gather thoughts and words.

Sayyedy is the equevilent of "sir" out of respect to his great person may allah yer7amo ameen.

Anonymous said...

Descenter - From Mahjoob

Allah yer7amo, one of the greatest kings ever lived.
The blessings in who he left behind to lead on his footsteps. I'm all confidence his Majesty King Abdullah will lead Jordan the way his late father did. After all, they are Hashimates...