Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So you think you figured out love

So you think you figured out what is love. Really, you do? I don’t. I keep hearing so many definitions..and and … and classifications of this thing called love. So confusing and so theorotical definitions. They tell you that you know you are in love when you feel an increase in heart beat, or or maybe some weird feeling inside your body. I am having hard time believing that.
Love is when you feel that you can not simply live if that person doesn’t exist. Naaa, that’s bologna.
Maybe love is when you feel so happy and joyful around someone. Again naaaaa, can’t buy that.
Many poets sung the love stories, and supposedly romeo and juliet, or 3antar w3ablah, or 3adnaan walina (the cartoon) would give us hints on what is love. Come on Bo3Bo3, those plays or stories are simply a reflection of how the author thinks about love.
What is love (baby don’t hurt me no more, courtesy Nasnas)? There are somethings that happen when love is around that are unexplainable. Love doesn’t follow the laws of physics, nor they follow the laws of common sense. Yes, you read it right, “common sense”. Love doesn’t follow that. It just happens. And don’t you try to sell me this thing about chemical reactions, no, I refuse to accept that. Love just happens. Why, how, and where, and even to whom? No one can explains it. How many girls loved their teachers? How many boys loved women who were older than them, and LOOL these women were actually married. I remember the time when I loved our neighbors wife. I was maybe about 16. Morahaqah u said? I don’t care what u call it. It was sweet feelings.
Sometimes we end up loving people that we never imagined we would. That’s because love is uncontrollable. It just happens.
So you think you figured out Love? Something goes inside you that you can not explain. It just happens, not following any rules. True that in the end you can control how this love is gonna affect the future, but you simply can not explain how it started.

And for you, I have this poem:

The Impossible Love

Tell me,about love, how does it happen
It tortures the heart, and it’s wounds it deepens
Nights and days of suffering, how it all started
Simple feelings just filled the heart and never departed

I do nothing, just waiting for the explanation
If I could only understand this infatuation
But deep inside of me, I know that my sensation
Is gonna die, but not before it causes my heart mutation

If I could cross the seas and the oceans
Just to be able to express my true emotions
If I could neglect all the rules of man
Just to hold you so close to me, wish I can

But it’s only wishes that will never come true
For you know it just like I do
For now, we can only enjoy this magic
Of love, that will die so tragic

I’ll cherish the moments with you in my mind
Today my love for you is alive and is blind
Until destiny decides to hold the sword high above
And then send the blow that will end this love

AAA (Bo3Bo3) 1/18/2006


Khalidah said...

Where were all these talents when I posted about this issue Bo3Bo3?

You can read all about it here:

I like the way you explained and it makes sense ... though love itself doesn't

I love the poem, did you write that?

Bo3Bo3 said...

Hello khalidah

Yes, the poem is mine, just wrote it today. I'm sure I'll change few words once I discover a misspelling here or there lool. I'll check the link u posted. Thanks.

salam said...

The best definition of love I heard from a celibate priest who taught us religion in school:He said love is when you feel that you always want to be with this person and when you feel that even if he had an accident or an illness and was in a really poor state of mind and body you still want to be around for him..I like that definition ..I think it's a good criteria to go by when you want to check your love to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Love is life changing. It is sweet and confidence building when it is reciprocated. it is painful yet lesson filled when it is not. Love. in my life only one person has had the effect on me of butterflies in my stomach and weakness of the knees. That is what being 16 was all about. But at a more mature age, love is not the only issue of a relationship. there is understanding, respect, and shared goals.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

love.. weisho hatha? hehe
nice poem... love is simple a feeling that can't be put into words.. its an emotion so deep that moves every blood cell and vien in your body... when someone is in love and has fallen head over heals for the other person.. not only will he not see straight and is blinded by love.. he will forget logic,pride, and even his own well-being..

Love is an amazing feeling when its mutual.. but there is no pain deeper or worse than the pain of a broken heart...

i love ur posts bo3bo3 wa lovni bors ana bass! hehe

Bo3Bo3 said...

salam, anonymous, islamic chocoholic

Thanks all for reading and commenting. I guess love is way too complicated to analyze. :)