Friday, January 06, 2006

Children's Toys

The eid is knocking on the doors. This past eid, bought junior some toys that included cars, action figures, and u know, dinosaurs’ figures. Just like a normal dad would do to a normal son. He is 4 years old now.
After the eid, we had a gathering, guys gathering. a couple of doctors, an engineer, and a manager, and so on. They started talking about the toys they got for their sons (some how, they didn’t mention anything about their daughters, ma3aleena).
One doctor bought his son (I think his son is 7) a scientific encyclopedia for children along with some "science projects for kids" kits. The other doctor bought his 3 years old son a "how to build a ropbot' kit that involves lots of work and lots of thinking. All dads described the toys and how science oriented they are. Then came my turn "so what did u get junior this past eid?" one asked.
Hummm, I looked him straigh in the eyes and sayd "cars and figures". The manager dude asked me "oh, u mean "building kits" where u build cars and airplanes?".
Hummm, I looked him straight in the eyes again and said, "no, just regular battery controlled cars and plastic figures".
They all became quiet, and some how I felt as if I was gonna be the main attraction for the rest of the evening. I told them "look guys, I just don't want junior no living his childhood, and kids like toys not science projects"
"but these are toys that will help your son become smarter and science oriented person at an early age".
That ticked me off. I don't want him to be an inventor or a robotic engineer. Well, let me draw that back, actually, I would love it if he became that, but not on the expense of his childhood joy. I want him to run, make a mess, act stupid, chase girls, dirty his clothes and the carpet, and I want him do the butterfly on the snow that is on our front yard. When he grows older, then he becomes whatever he becomes, but for God sake, he is only 4. What goes in the mind of a 4 years old boy trying to build a model plane, while looking outside his window and sees other kids having a snowball fight?
I think many parents are making a big mistake by overwhelming their little children with "nerd" toys thinking that this will produce a doctor or a scientist. Newton was an idiot when growing up, wasn't he?
I just want junior to be normal kid, just normal. Not stupid, and not too smart. There will be more days to come inshalla where I get the chance to talk to him about science and math, but for now, I just want to see him running in the yard and dirty his cloths while playing with his cars and dinosaurs.

So this coming Eid, he wants this nice big hummer car, like almost half of his length, and is chargable and radio controlled (not expencive, around $70). And that he shall get inshalla.


Khalidah said...

Big applaude and salute goes to you my dear friend ...

everything around us is ripping childhood from children .. so we should not add to that by taking away their innocence and great days ... a chargable car it is .. and get prepared for so many broken things and a lot of mess around the house ... ehhhhhh .. aint kids a joy???

Luai said...

I wish they had those battery operated toys you could sit and drive around in when I was that age....they probably did, but no way my parents would dish out $250 for one of those...and you found a Hummer for $70?! The closest we got were Big Wheels. And I had to share with my brother.

Nothing wrong with the educational toys and certainly nothing wrong with the toys kids really love to receive. How about a nice balance of each? I wish I still had my Star Wars and GI Joe figures from when I was younger. I would call those educational but I assume most would think otherwise. And Legos, I personally think these are the greatest toys ever invented...these were abundant in our household until my stepped on one. :-)

Jameel said...

I totally agree with you on this, and I believe that your kid and my two kids are lucky not to have a parent like one of your friends.
Each of my two kids had an extra year in KG – they entered Grade 1 at 7 instead of 6 – because both their mother and I believe in the importance of these precious playful preschool years, we consider the extra year as the best gift we gave them.

salam said...

I actually believe in the happy medium,I get my kids one educational toy and one fun toy.I got my daughter who is 5,books for her computer Leap pad Learning system,she had the computer but needed extra is both fune and educational but she was desperate to have this doll head that she can comb and make-up,so i got her both for christmas.

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