Sunday, March 05, 2006

Blogging Dilemma

This is gonna sound weird a little. I'm fairly new to this blogging buisness, less than 4 months so far. I learned that blogging is like poetry, or writing a novel, sort of. Typically, a post is triggered by an event, or some sort of feelings toward a specific incident or feelings. How so?

You may read a specific news, and you react to it, and then decide to write about it. Political blog? hummm

You may read a story, or a novel, and you decide to put your thoughts about it and hence, you formulate a post.

You may have some sort of feeling, anger, love, or any feeling, and then you decide to write about those feelings. A poem, or a simple post to reflect how you feel. After all, your blog is your own word, your mirror of ideology, feelings, or your reading habbits.

But sometimes there is nothing to write about. Nothing to inspire your fingers to simply log on and let your mind roam your own domain, or mirror as we said earlier. You then try to make up somthing, anything, but with no luck. So you decide to wait for the right moment, and the right incident that will trigger your mind to reflect.

Thats where the dilemma starts. How can you creat the right atmosphere and the right mood to write about something, anything that is not related to an incident or feelings? It's like writing a novel. You sit down, gather a topic you wanna write about, and then gather your thoughts and ideas.

My dilemma is that I'm a reactive person. Something has to trigger me to write. 4 weeks so far and I'm yet to write a poem. I don't mean writing it in my blog, but simply writing it on my poem notes that I keep. This is new to me as I'm always quick to set the mood and enjoy my poetic side.

I hate to be a reactive person. Why do I need to wait for an honor crime to write about it? Why do I need for a mood to be in the mood of writing about anything? Well, wish I know.

Ok, which one of you guys and gals said "it's time to refill that prozac bottle of yours bo3bo3"


hamede said...


Abu 7amarneh said...

i respect that...

Khalidah said...

It is because you write best when your passion is stirred and your words flow from the heart ..

I like your style in writing Bo3Bo3 .. so please keep your reactive self as it is and give us more of your creative mind :)