Monday, March 27, 2006

Another dose of sopranos

First, let me apologize for not being able to post my review about the second episode of sopranos, simply because it was boring and was turning into a soap opera thingie. I mean come on. Tony is still in a comma, wife (carmella) is crying, kids crying, the whole mob is in a sad atmosphere. What is this? The bold and the beautifull? Come on already, and lets get to business. Geeeeeees.

Anyways, the third episode started and Tony is still in a comma. He is trying to wake up, but can’t. Two of the captains get a great deal. They chase this hespanic gang, and baaaam, they scavenge a million plus dollars. What a catch. They made a big mess of course, three gangsters dead.

They approach the acting boss, Tony’s right hand “Sel” and he orders them to split it half, and each has to give carmella 100K. They didn’t like it, but the boss had his saying. He himself was admitted to the hospital for breathing problems. Eyes are open, and the second guys in command are already talking about the life after Tony. What kind of pigs these guys are? Tony is still alive, can’t they see that?

More sadness, and more soap opera. Half way into this episode, and I’m already threatening to stop watching the sopranos. Lets get back to the good old days, more blood and more killing.

Anthony is demanding a screen writer to write a script about an idea of a movie in anthony’s mind. It’s about a mafia captain, who is killed, then he comes back from death and baaam, revenge time. Then a meeting of potential investors, who happen to be all mafia lords. The last thing mafia lords are good at, is being investors in the movie business.

Then came the good stuff. Pauly goes in and sees Tony. Tony’s daughter tells him to be positive, and the dude can not. He see’s tony and he goes crazy. Then he starts yacking and yacking. The machines in Tony’s room starts beebing, then nurses come running. Tony;s seem to get out of the comma. In his comma, he is dreaming that he is told that he is going home, but he has to let go of the suit case he is carrying. This seems to symbolizes that Tony is not able to let go of this comma situation.

Let go Tony, let it go. Time to go home. Tony is awake now, and the whole hospital is in joy (and so is bo3bo3). Although the two captains didn’t wanna give carmella the 200K, but now they have to, and they do. Tony is up, and he will be back next episode. Bottom line, Tony is back, and so is the great soprano’s show.

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