Monday, March 13, 2006

Soprano returns with a big bang

So as I was in the hype of anticipating the last season of sopranos. I was making sure that I have everything ready.

Coffee, check,

cookies, check,

surround system on, check,

warning the wife that I wanna be left alone for a whole 30 minutes, check, yes check check check.

I’m ready. The clock is ticking. 8:45 and my eyes glued to the TV. Wife tells me "don’t finish the coffee and the cookies before it even starts" and I yell "leave me alone woman"

9:00 comes, and I’m suddenly in my domain. Soprano’s first episode starts with a bang. The death of two rats. The advice of Tony to his son "I don’t care how close you are. In the end, your friends are going to let you down. Family, they’re the ones you can depend on". Strong words coming from the guy who’s his mom and uncle tried to assassinate him in the first season. So much loyalty this guy has.

Tony bought his wife a new porch (cayan) and she is excited showing it off to friends. Johnny sack is in jail while Tony is trying to ensure an ever-lasting peace between his family, and Johnny’s family. Things get worst.

Sadely, and after lecturing his son about the importance of family, and after listening to his shrink’s advice that it’s his family that tried to kill him, Tony goes to his uncle top take care of him. He refused to send him to an elderly home. He decided that it’s a disrespect to do that.
Tony walks in his ailing uncle’s house. The uncle has a big time psycho problems. Tony starts cooking for uncle, and then, the big bang. The uncle comes downstairs, shoots tony, and runs upstairs and hides in the clauset crying like a baby no knowing what he has done. Tony is screaming calling his uncle "call 911" but uncle is no where near. Tony struggles toward the phone, dials 911, then falls on his back. He looks like dying. Could that be? Wow.
Bo3Bo3 is screaming "get up man, get up u son of the $$$, get up Tony, dude, get up u $$$$$$$$###$%#$#$.

Now, one of two things may arise from this. If Tony dies, then there will be a big struggle in the soprano family. Too many captains, and they never liked each others. That would be something. The second option is that Tony survives this scare, and that will influence his life as a mobster and as a family man. It will affect the whole season, this year.

Whatever it is, the soprano’s returned with a big bang in the first episode, and it’s gonna be a hell of a season. See you guys next Monday after the second episode.

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yadondon said...

Lol, yup see you after the second episode :)
I never knew u you blog.. ur quite a blogger!

all the bests Mr. mafioso,
A.K.A: Arabella