Tuesday, March 21, 2006

On her day

Let me tell you ladies and gentelmen about her story. The day she was born, her dad wasn’t as happy as he would’ve been if she was a boy instead. True that he accepted her into his home, but in his mind, he is thinking "inshalla we’ll do better next time, and have a boy". As she was growing up, she was always reminded that boys get away with more stuff than what she would. You can’t look from the window. You can’t wear shorts. You can’t swim. You can’t rais your voice. You can’t hit your brother back, even if he severely beat you up. Yada yada yada.
Then she became mature, and her body grew and the signs of a woman are beginning to show on her. Now she has to be careful what she says, and what she does. A boy flirted with her while she was walking back to school, and all she did was tell him "get lost" and move on her way. Yet, her brother heard of that and he beats her up just because she spoke to that boy. She overcomes so much discrimination, and now she is done with school.
It’s time to marry she is told. So her dad and mom chose for her the man that she has to continue life with. If she is lucky enough, the man won’t degrade her or beat her up. She works day and night, and she is constantly reminded that her happiness is tied up with his happiness. If he is happy, then that’s her happiness. She may not enjoy the bed with him a lot, and on many occasions, he doesn’t care if she enjoyed or not, just as long as he is satisfied.
Then she grows to be a mother, and go through the hardships of birth and staying up in many nights to care for her baby (s).
If we look at our mothers, and visualize what they had to endure on the course of their lives, then maybe we’ll understand why islam says that "heavens is truly underneath the feet of mothers". To this day, I am yet to find any person who is more giving than this woman. So on this mothers day, I pray to my Lord that my mother, my sister, my wife are happy women, and I salute them for being simply women, great women.


Omar said...

everyday should be a mother's day!

Natalia said...

Is greatness of woman determined by how much she has to sacrifice based on her gender? By how much abuse she has to take from her @sshole brother? Or is a great woman somebody who finally says "enough," hits back, gets an education, gets out of the vortex? That's what I'd like to know.