Saturday, March 11, 2006

A new chapter in life

A new chapter in my life is about to begin. I have accepted a new job, in another city. The new job is like a dream job for me, exactly what I've been wishing for lately to get out of my routine. almost 20% increase in salary. Better benefits, and on top of all that, it's in research area, and thats where I really wanna be. I wasn't born to be a lab rat, nor a fire fighter always on call to fix customers problems and processes. So yes, I'm happy.

Yet, change brings fear with it. The fear of the unknown, the future, the relocation process. I'm gonna be deprived from my beloved wife and family for about 3 monthes, till they join me after I buy the new house and that sourt of things. Change breings fear, as it always carries (it refering to change) with it dilemma. A dilemma how to settle down, in the new job and the new community. How to make new friends all over again. The fear of being lonely for three monthes. Sleeping alone on a bed after being with someone for 5 years. Life, the lonely life. It's been along time since I was lonely, and it wasn't a good experience.

So the next few monthes, I may look different, sound different, or even behave different. True that they call me bo3bo3, but trust me, there is nothing in me that reflects any bo3bo3 behavior.

Staying in a hotel for 3 monthes, eating food that is no way near the good home cooking my beloved wife cooks for me, and on top of all, not having the luxury of feeling her warm hand touching my shoulders comforting me when I'm down. That, my good friends, is what I'll miss the most. But I am a believer, I strongly believe in the almight God, and I believe that he is looking over me. With that, I know I'll manage hrough harships of life, for his love is the ultimate love.

A new chapter of my life is about to begin, so buckle up fellow jordanian bloggers for there is no way knowing what this bo3bo3 may write when he is lonely. I think my latest post "erotic thoughts" will look like a children story compared with what's to come (bala gafyeh). God bless us all, and wish me luck in my new life.



hamede said...

Goog luck.

Batir Wardam said...

Change is not easy, but as you said in your post it seems you have got a good bargin and you should stick to it. I wish all the luck and patience with your lonelyness.

Rana said...

good luck Bo3Bo3 ,change is makes you praise what you have more..lucky your wife with a husband like you :give:

Anonymous said...

Dear Bo3Bo3,

Congratulations on the new job, you really deserve it!

Change IS tough but I'm sure you'll do just fine... gaddha w gdood ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wishing you continued success and all the best. Without difficulty there is no progress forward.

Bo3Bo3 said...


Thanks for the warm wishes, I need that.

Thanks, and I'm the lucky one for living with a walking-on-earth angel

Yes3edek elahy, thanks. Sheddy 7eelek enty kaman khalleena nda77y fe 3orsek, lamma elmes3adeh tetjawwaz we6khallesna.

true, harships are what charges our lives, thanks.

salam said...

Dear Bo3bo3,as you embark on this new stage,please remember that it's just a phase.You will soon be reunited with your family(at least that's what i understood ,no?)and it will be a wonderful new beginning for all of you.It is very hard to be alone,after you've married for such a long time,but thanks to modern technology,you can be in contact all the time,for no major cost,that's a very important thing I feel.Good luck,hope these six months fly by .

Khalidah said...

Congratulations for the new job Bo3Bo3 .. I am happy for you because you seem to like what you are going to be doing there ...

Change is good when you focus on its positive side and keep the negative side under control ...

Don't think much about it .. these first 3 months will pass very quickly because you will have so little time to spend alone .. between the new job and adapting to the new lifestyle and city and finding a good house for your family .. my guess is that you will be too busy and time will be gentle with you and fly till you are with the family again

Best of luck to you and the whole family with this move :)

Bo3Bo3 said...

salam and khalidah

thank u so much for the wishes, and I need all the luck I can get. Looking foward for a new era in my family's life.