Friday, March 10, 2006

The final countdown, Soprano's are back

I am a sopranoaholic, yes I admit it. I love the show, with all what it represents or tries to reflect. I love the power struggle, and sticking up to the family. I love the fact that a man can be so evil, so powerfull, yet, wouldn't hesitate to cry after he shoots his cousin. Thats Toney alright, I just love the dude.

So it's friday night, exactly 46 hours till the start of the first episode of the sopranos on HBO. The sad part is the fact that this is gonna be the final season of such show. Does that mean Toney is gonna die? Or go to jail? I'd hate to see that.

The soprano's is not about mafia, no my good friends. there is more to it. There are so many things we can learn from such show. It's not about violence or blood thirsty heartless killers. It's about the power structure and the decisions that a boss has to make to protect the rest of the family, even if that meant turning his wife, the snitch so be murdered for talking to the feds.

I am a sopranoaholic, yes I admit it. Many of you may not have a clue of what show I'm talking about, but for the few who follow the show, hang in there, it's gonna be a rough ride, and I predict a not so happy ending, damn the director. Thanks for reading.

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