Thursday, March 23, 2006

A lost chapter from the dark side

So there I was walking on a street called "colorado ave". I don’t know how I got here. I mean I have no recollection how I ended up on that street. "Where is my car" I started wondering. Couldn’t find it. So I kept walking and walking……and still walking. Then I saw this beautiful woman walking in the opposite direction. I starred at her, with blood boiling inside of my body. She smiled at me as she passed me. "That’s it" I said to my self. I stopped, turned around, and walked to her. "Hi there, my name is bo3bo3, do u mind if I walked with you?" I asked. She agreed.
We then walked together toward her place. Walked upstairs to her apartment. She opened the door, and we sat on the couch. I kept hearing those voices inside of my mind telling me to simply do it, just do it. Blood inside my veins is flowing very hard. I am sweating, for the lust inside of me is overwhelming my desires. She went to the kitchen to get a drink for herself, and I really wanted a drink. But my drink is different.
You can do it bo3bo3 I kept telling myself. She came back after she changed her cloths and got into a more comfortable cloths. Her skin was so beautiful, as if she just came back from the tanning booth. Her neck looked like a part of heaven that I never imagined. The eyes are so magical. Her lips were wet, and so red. I examined all of her body, and it was a touch of heavens. That silky nightgown and those legs….oh bo3bo3, how could you resist such temptations.
I couldn’t resist anymore. Suddenly, the desires to feed on her overwhelmed me. I just can never overlook such beauty. I am thirsty. My lips are so dry, and nothing would satisfy them except her skin. So I got close to her, rapped my right warm gently on the back of her neck. My left hand just reached to her waist. I asked her to dance with me, and she agreed. The music of black Sabbath is playing on the background. I changed it to "the jungle" for guns&roses. Raised the volume. I reached with my lips to her soft golden neck. She said stop, but it’s too late now. Stop she screamed, but I couldn’t hear her words as the voices inside of my mind were louder and louder. Welcome to the jungle, my jungle, darling.
She tried to run away but there was no where to run. "Let me take you to my world, and you’ll thank me later" I said. She cried, begging for mercy, but this bo3bo3 is not listening. I held her tight as she laid on her back on the floor. She seems to give up the fight, finally. I held her hands as she was laying,, then I looked up, opened my mouth, hauled, then looked down at this terrified woman, and quickly sank my teeth into her neck.
I felt the blood flowing, oooh that warm sweet blood running from her into my veins. I was too hungry, and demanded more. I kept draining her blood, she resisted, then slowly, she gave up. I never tasted such sweet blood like this one.
When I was done, I sat beside her. She was out, no movement whatsoever. Then I leaned to her right ear, and whispered "rise again oh sweet one". She opened her eyes, got up, looked straight at me asking "where am I?". I told her "welcome to my world oh darling for I promise you an everlasting happiness beside me, and an imortal life where you will never ache no more". She came to me, hugged me and said "thank you my lord, for what life I would even ask for that is better than this one".
Cursed I am. To live by the shadows of the nights, stalking victims to feed on.
Cursed I am, for love I still seek, compassionate I am deprived from.
Cursed I am for my life can only be, by the death of others.
Cursed I am, that as long as I live, I shall never see the light.
Cursed I am for death I can never ask for, but shall come on to me.
Cursed I am, to live forever, a vampire from the dark world.


hamede said...


Bo3Bo3 said...

Hope that u liked it hamede. Of course this was not a real story, for I am not a vampire nore I wanna be. It;s just a wicked thoughts that overwhelm the mind sometimes.

Anonymous said...

dude You can write

dude It was amazing

dude I am speechless

dude Let me breath....

Hareega said...

you've been subar-tagged with all planeters

Hareega said...

and by the way, the story is damn good

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