Sunday, April 02, 2006

And so it begins

today is my first day in my new life/career. It didn't start nice. Sunday morning, I got up, gathered my things, suit case, books, and files, and loaded the car. Said goodbye to the woman I will never ever love anyone but her, and kissed junior a goodbye/see ya in 2 weeks kiss, and got in the car. The skies were sunny, but my skies were cloudy and gloomy. Today is the day.

Drove out quickly not looking back fearing a moment of weakness. I still managed to get a short look at my wife waiving her hands and I could see those small tears from a distance. Kept driving to my disteny. I normally smoke a half a pack a day, but the 5 hour drive made me consume a little over a pack.

The only bright side was when I got to indiana borderlines, and I saw that the speed limit is 70 mph. Pushed a little more on the gas to escape my thoughts.

Today is day one, and a new life shall be born. A new career. A new chapter in my greatest fear, lonlyness. Never liked being alone after I got married. The past 7 hours made me realize what value my wife has in my life.

I'm counting on sopranos to occupy my mind away from thinking of her. Her picture never departed my mind. A new chapter, and it shall bring out so many dark moments of my life, now that the greatest light is not around me at least for 2 weeks.

Life shall go on I guess.


salam said...

you're obviously lucky to have each other!!hope the 2 weeks will pass by peacefully and uneventfully,may you be back to your wife and kid in no time!It's very difficult being away!!Thanks to modern technology you feel a bit closer though..keep sending messags and calling,that will help A LOT!

Khalidah said...

Lucky is the woman that has you for a husband!!

This is only temporary; as hard as the change might be, sometimes it is a necessity .. and eventually things will be improving very soon ..

Look at the bright side .. the way I see it: you will be alone but never lonely .. because your wife and kid will always be there to brighten up your life and you will be together very soon, which means you have something to look forward to ... some of us are not alone but are the lonliest people you can ever think of ..

Your deep wonderful emotions are the feul that will keep you going ... so make use of that and keep up the faith in your ability to oull through this time ..

Good luck for the new career and hope that you will have everything you wish for!!

Hani said...

Changing your career is a brave step to take when you are already tied to big responsibility such as a family. With a great family like yours, this shall be no problem for what you will receive of support.

Good luck man, I wish you the best of the new job.

p.s. look to the bright side in changing your job, now you will have plenty of things to discover before you hook-up back to the routine!
Btw: will your Xboss miss you?! Did you miss her?! :D

samra said...

Best of luck...

Bo3Bo3 said...

thanks for the encoureging words all, salam, khalidah, hani and samara. Today went by a little better. thanks to the heavy arabic meal I just had after I discovered an arabic restaurant not too far from the hotel I'm in.

truely, one can never understand the value of loved ones, until he/she is away. I know I'll be looking forward to seeing theor faces again, and no greater pleasure than arriving to my house finding my beloved family waiting for me in the driveway. Fantacy and shall come into realty inshalla, in less than 2 weeks.

pinkgirl455 said...

gooooooooood luck

SimSim said...

Bo3Bo3 I wish u all the luck and may this will be good for u even it takes u away from ur home .... I love reading for u I love the way u talk about ur wife I wish I will have someone to love me like u love ur wife .... may allah ywaf2ak my big brother w allah yjeeb elle feeh el5eer :hug:

nano1120 said...

Hi ya Bo3bo3..

Remember that strenghth comes from within..

Just Khalidah & Salam said.. she's one lucky woman.. Do you have any single brothers??? :)

Bo3Bo3 said...

pink girl

thanks, bekaffy nafekh, heek bashoof 7aly hassa3

LOOOOL actually yes, 22 yrs old in college. But he is a trouble maker, trust me.

Suzanne said...

Bo3Bo3, I thought you stopped smoking!

Good luck to you w allah y'7allak il madam w Bo3Bo3 Jr. ya rub!

Anonymous said...

waddaya mean dark moments of life!!! i was reading another journal u wrote the one right b4 this one and u were just saying that darkness is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even surprised! Fantastic