Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Oh Jordan

These days, summer time, this is the time of the year..when birds go back to the tree where they were at some point in time, an egg before hatching. Time when the geese fly home, time when the salmon wsim upstream to their birth site, time when the lust for birthplace is so strong. This is the time where jordanians go home, to see family, see the land they were born in. It's the time where amman streets are so busy, with the good souls of faithfull ones who went back home.
It is also time when those who couldn't make it back, to sit and sing the blues while getting drunk on the haunting memories of childhood. With pain that is intolorable tearing their inside out. So much hurting that thunderous storms ruining their souls constantly while calling home and hearing that so and so just went home from england, italy, saudiarabia, uae, and many other countries. So I decide to write this poem, and I doubt I could reply back to any comment. Thanks for reading.

Oh Jordan, what have I, to myself, done
This nightmare, when will it ever be gone?
This curse of mine, agony, a firing gun
Oh Jordan, have mercy on your beloved son

In my nights, as darkness sharpens it’s teeth
Preparing to slaughter, the knife is out of it’s sheath
Holding me down, to my throat it seek
Teasing my heart, to it, refusing to speak

Come on already, I beg of you to set me free
Take it from it’s misery, just let it be
Strike me, with will and mighty, to you I plea
As I watch that land, far away, across the sea

Only if I could fly, across the sea, through air
To the land that resides in my nightmare
To my loved ones, those for them I care
To touch the sand, not a moment I would spare

To see the night skies, and stars as they dance
To see the hills, of Amman, even a short glance
To feel the warmth of it’s wind, singing the song
Of my childhood, as I close my eyes, and sing along

Oh Jordan, it’s me, crying for your long waited love
In this domain of darkness, of you, I will always think of
I need you to sneak me out from my misery, I’m so weak
Hear my screams, of agony, I suddenly can’t speak

Will this nightmare ever end, or from my life disappear?
Wish it go away, not to ever come back, for it I fear
Sadly I realize that this is my destiny, it, to me so clear
From this cursed domain, I, my life, can never away steer

As I seek that corner, yes right there, realizing my doom
Bowing my head down, as I cry alone, isolated in my room
Letting that creature, agonizing me, and my heart, consume
With tears of sorrow, oh Jordan, I’m a prisoner of my own gloom

AAA 6/28/06


Anonymous said...

well if someone Didnt miss jordan, NOW they do! thanks a lot buster!! hehe. The hills of jordan, the warm breeze... the slow sun.. the shawerma! it lives in my heart as well!

nano1120 said...

Hey i'm back..

I agree with Anonymous..
After reading this it sounds like Rome man!!

God bless your heart..

Bo3Bo3 said...

Thanks both. I know that you are members in mahjoob, and one of these days I will figure who lool

Arabiana Banana said...

Bo3bo3 you know i've been there before

I felt that way too and longed for that shore

All i can tell you is stay where you are

stay dreaming of ur childhood, the laughter the hills and the stars

I fear for your heart a tragic end
when the truth you shall face will make no more sense.

its better to live
in the world you once left

then to go back to the one
you thought that was left.

Anonymous said...

Jordan must outlaw torture: UN rapporteur

AMMAN (AFP) - UN special rapporteur on torture Manfred Nowak has urged Jordan to criminalise torture and close special courts that protect police and intelligence offenders.

"I feel there is a general impunity in relation to torture in the country. Impunity is a major reason for why torture happens," Nowak told a news conference after a two-day fact-finding mission in Jordan.

"Torture must be made a crime," he said, adding that he will file a report with his recommendations to the UN's reformed Human Rights Council -- of which Jordan is a vice chair -- and the UN General Assembly.

Nowak singled out the detention facilities in Amman of the General Intelligence Deparment (GID) and the Central Investigation Department (CID) of the Public Security Forces as "notorious" torture centres.

"I have enough evidence to conclude that in those two places torture is practised systematically," said Nowak who visited the GID and CID detention facilities as well as three prisons south of Amman.

Nowak complained that officials at the GID and CID obstructed his fact-finding mission "in violation of the terms of reference of the visit agreed upon by the Jordanian government".

He said he was denied the right to take pictures and have a private interview with detainees at the GID, while officials tried to hide evidence at the CID.

Nowak also charged that police, prison and intelligence officials get away with mistreating detainees because if charged they are prosecuted in "special courts" rather that in ordinary tribunals.

"The special police and intelligence courts must be closed," he said.

He also recommended the closure of the Jafer prison, an isolated desert penitentiary 260 kilometers (160 miles) south of Amman, where he said beatings were "systematic" although he added that he did not believe that was part of a "systematic policy of torture" on the part of the Jordanian authorities.

06/29/2006 11:14

Bo3Bo3 said...

no land is perfect, but this land is my land, and it's beauty overcomes it's little ugliness.

Anonymous said...

Man walak i don't know what to say to you, i know it sounds silly but i cried reading those amazing words describing The Great Jordan,bo3bo3 you are great wallah.
Nefsi arja3lek ya bladi w aboos trabek.
Allah ye7mak w yeslamo kteer