Monday, June 05, 2006

The music and me

Ok I hope I'm not wierd....or is it too late? oh well.

I looooove music so much, maybe more than loving cooking on a weekend and mastering the art of creating exotic food. So, anyway, I love music. What kind of music you asked? will this is the wierdness in me. Here it goes.

I could be listening to my favorite group, Ambrosia, and specially the song "How much I feel" and would be floating on air. Not realizing that I am melted in this creative music style. Then suddenly, I would insert a CD for santana and go crazy on "Europa" and actually act like an idiot and pretend to play the guitar and move my fingers as if I was controling the guitar. On many ocasions, I would listen to my favorite classical collection, specially "the four seasons-my favorite is spring, whats yours?". Yanni, Metallica, Guns and roses, Lionel richie, deep purple, elron john, and many other artists have songs on one CD in my car. Flipping from one style to another in the same CD. Add on top of that, the great Miles Davis (specially sletch of spain). I just love music, pretty bad I guess.

I found a haven in music. You could actually get high (not that I recommend it at all...the getting high part) while listening to music. Following the notes, the trend, and the transition between them. No wonder I love Majda elroumy to death..and was happy that she got divorced, maybe she'll look at her number one fan finally. Ok I now sound like a majda maniac. Well....I am.

Or when listening to Jim Croce while singing Operator or time in a bottle. And to make matters worst, I adore Andrea Bocilli, eventhough I don't understand italian, but dudes and dudetts, this guy can take you from one world to another with a simple tone in his voice. My favorite is "Con tu Amor" in the CD Sentimento. Heck I love that whole CD.

Led Zippelin, White snake and Abdelmajeed Abdallah are part of my confusing world of music. I just love it...thats all.

Take me to the stairs of heaven, nowwwwww.


Dozz said...

extremely passionate!
whats wrong with being weird?!
i totally understand...

Ala'a Ibrahim said...

it's too late buddy, I've been there 3 years ago, and now I just can't do anything about it. :D
your favorite collection is so diverse, although it's nice :D

nano1120 said...

no way!!

This is the same with me, i have CDs for Kazem, Farid Al-A6rash, next to them you will find Metalica, whitney huston..

Last but no least, you will find Maria "el3ab el3ab el3ab"...
Currently listening to Mohammed Abdo..

Join the club!!

Anonymous said...

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