Tuesday, June 06, 2006


ok..so I rushed out of work at 4 pm hoping to catch the 5 pm show near by. I was expecting some delays, but not like what I saw. The lines were long and traffic jam at the entrance of the mall. I was angry...I looked forward to seeing the movie tonight, but instead, went back to the room, and sat in isolation to punich myself for not being able to watch it, tonight.

I bet some are like me, have their own rituals when it comes to watching horror movies. The sound surround system, the lights off, the 2 candles lighting up the living room. Heck, I even kick my wife and junior out so I can hear every drop of sound in those movies. On ocasions, when the evil sneaks behind the scared girls who is trying to escape, and slowely approaching her, ahile she is screaming trying to open the jammed door, I say, on ocasions, I would jump scared, and then a big smile on my face screaming "yeah baby, thats damn good".

But tonight, I am misreable as I am deprived of the movie I was awaiting for on this day. Instead, i scroll through the darkside of the net trying to get a kick of any thoughts from any of the great members of that side to express their feelings about today.

aaaah what a sad day. So much for practicing the spell...so much for the ritual...aaas so much for the excitement.

So i call on the demons of the dark side of the web, come to my rescue..oh creatures of the night, come to me, I am awaiting on fire for your coming. Share with me the night. Share with me the ritual and the sacrifice. Let there be no sunlight before I feed my desires. If i could just go out now, seek a victim, insert my thirsty teeth into her neck, and feed on her life. Death does bring about life, so where are you. Lead me to the promissed state of mind. feed my lust to the flesh of the weak, and the blood of the mortals. I command you to seek me and to follow me to the feeding grounds.

ok ok bo3bo3 i see that the movie is affecting your state of mind, easy buddy, calm down, tomorrow is another day, and rest assured that a victim shall be yours in no time.


Khalidah said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha
You really have some wild imagination dude ...

Bo3Bo3 said...

Thats what scares me khalidah, it really does loool. Never been a member of a cult like group, and never will be. It's just all in imagination. But I did go to watch the movie and if it wasn't for those kids, I would've had a happy 666 night last night.