Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I am famous now

I gotta share this with u. Last week I got a message from someone who said bema ma3naah that there is a school project aiming at showing the dangers of the internet and how it can be a bad influence on kids, and they wanted my permission to use some of things I wrote and pictures i posted to show that. LOOL...yes LOOL was my reaction realizing that now I am famous and teachers want to use me or what i write or post to show kids that the net is bad.
Ya3ni true that my dad told me always I will be a loser, but wow, to be known is the flirt and the bad example of the net, is by far, surpased my expectations.
Not mad at all loool but just laughing at my dad's words when I was a trouble maker kid, and how somethings are becoming realty.
have u ever wondered that people misstook who u r? That some don't know u well enough and they have totally different views about u?
Sometimes I wish I can open up and show some of my good face attributes, but seem to fail every time i try. For once, I wanna feel that I leave good impression on someone, anyone, and for once I wanna feel that people know how good of a person i am. loool not working.
It's like u are called something, and u keep fighting it and fighting those who call u that, then u lose the battle, and somehow start believing that u could be wrong. Yes u could be what they call u, only u don't realize it. they say that other people are ur mirror, if u wanna know who u are, ask them how they see u. If u can't beat them, join them...i guess.


Qwaider قويدر said...

Amjad, I don't think your father meant it in a negative way. I'm sure he was trying to encourage you to do better.

Anyway, Great :) Congrats

Arabiana Banana said...

u know..
it is really amazing.
not to be too personal but when i was a kid my mom thought i was honest when i pointed the finger at my younger brother. ( i felt guilty for years, felt i was going to hell for the spanking he go) huhuhuh

i out grew it and i started being myself ( when i got out of the middle east).I had a personality, a balanced, fun, sprirtual yet tolerant character the only bad thing about me was that i was brutally frank and id hurt my friends sometimes... we'd talk about it afterwords and as we grew they loved me for it and it was like " you know banana.. don't let it get to you, she means well"
now.. its back to square one.

being my true self isnt working for me in my homeland.. from being the honest , good hearted angel, i suddenly found myself the evil westernized bitch.

i'm slowly losing my sanity.. sighhh

anyway congrats!! lets see some of ur stuff.. u have a link or something?

Bo3Bo3 said...

lool banana

yes my whole January posts, specially "twisted soul"

Anonymous said...

Bo3bo3 have to face the truth have some psychological problems ...don't try to deny it ..

salam said...

Thats good news wallahi..way to go!