Saturday, June 03, 2006

Time does pause, it's true

So as some of you may know that I have accepted a new job 2 months ago. This meant that I have to relocate. Hence, I had to leave my family behind (wife and son) in ohio while I move to indianapolis. Two months passed by so far, and finally our house in ohio is sold. In the same time, I am searching a new home here in indianapolis, and thanks to the internet, I can get with my wife on line and screen through the pages of homes that our agent sends to us daily.

I say two months passed by...and frankly, i felt time did stop on me. Stuck in a hotel all this time and for more time to come till my family moves with me here. There are things I learned from this process and it may help others there...maybe anyway.

I learned the value of wife and my beloved son. Not being able to see them for long times..two weeks each time, made me realize their importance in my life. True I always valued them, but in the past 2 months, I discovered that their value in my life by far surpasses any expectation in my mind. It's not about the food or playing with bo3bo3 junior in the yard, or dining out all together as a family. But rather, it was about their simple presence. It's about seeing their faces every day. Talking to them. Sharing with them. On a typical rough day at work, I used to walk through the door, see my wife, and sit down. Her touch on my shoulder may not have meant alot to me back then, but now, I die to feel her hand comforting me after a rough day at work. Coffee, even though it's made the same way it used to be, but it lacks her hand handing me the cup with the most beautifull smile I seen in my life. I miss those times when junior asks me silly questions..and I would spend some time playing with him. His dinasurs, toy cars, and his coloring is what I miss the most. Ghorbah after a ghorbah is taking a toll on me.

I also learned that sacrifices are big in strengthening the family.All three of us did sacrify, for a better life and a better career in the future. We had to do this to improve our situation, financially as well is career. A single person may not understand these feelings, but when they get involved in creating a family and leading it through life hassles, they'll learn the importance of sacrifice. Making tough decisions, while planning for a better future.

I learned that life is not always smiling at us. Sometimes, things will look so harsh, so pale, yet, with a smile from our side, we can turn it around. Always thinking of the future does help. Giving up on early trials, or simply fearing change, will get us no where. This is the first time I go through such major change, and now I appreciate my parents when they had to do that. I remember my dad left us in jordan for 2 years and went to the UAE to work there. Then we followed him, an now I do realize what they had to do, for our sake.

I am a very happy person in my career and I excell so fast that surprises my bosses, and satisfies them. But I feel the price I am paying is a heafty one and heavy on the soul as well as the mind. However, I have my family's future in my radar and I'm always keeping an eye on it. We hate it now, but 3 months from now, when the wheel of time starts rolling again, we'll appreciate it as a one whole family.

So yes, time does stop......but it rolls back again if we hold on stronger.

Thanks for reading


kinzi said...

Great testimony to the power of commitment, Bo3Bo3 and Mrs.! I hope BAKKOUZ sees it and is encouraged.

We'll be in Indianapolis next month! BB Jr will love the Children's Museum there. God bless you as you relocate

Bo3Bo3 said...

Thanks kinzi

Downtown is also beautifull and full of life. The zoo is in downtown and i hear it's a cool one. Enjoy ur stay and we'll love to have u for dinner provided the family is here and a home is purshased.

Khalidah said...

Bo3Bo3, I can totally relate

time does pass by but at what rate?

I wish you would buy a house soon so that you can be reunited with your lovely family ... hang in there buddy, inshallah you will be all together in no time!

Luai said...

Just wanted to say I really admire your words on family. Unfortunately I know a little to much about the back and forth travel due to family and work commitments. I am glad it's a thing of the past and I hope for you soon.

I know Carmel is not too bad of a place to live ;-)

Bo3Bo3 said...

khalidah and luay


yes carmel is not bad. I'm leaning towards evon or brownsburg, they seem nice quite suberbs. I actuall saw more than 20 homes in the past 2 weeks. Have my eyes on a couple that are about 25 years old houses. But my wife wants to be in a subdivision close to people and I like privacy and land. We'll see how that works, she is coming over in a week to issue the verdict of which one to buy..she is the boss looool

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