Monday, June 26, 2006

I will always love you forever

I wanna share with you a poem that I wrote to my wife yesterday, and hope that it finds a heart to like it.

I can glimpse the sunset
in your lovely eyes.
To me, you are a treasure
or special prize.
Although we have been distantand
and far apart.
Your love always live
within my heart.

I hope to see you
…..very soon.
To see your beauty
like the shining moon.
And when the day comes
to see you again.
My heart will shine
with no longer pain.

I know that often
it seems like I don't care.
But our bond is strong
that we have to share.
So believe me when I say
I promise… I'll always be there.

I’ll always be that someone
You will always lean on.
I will always be the hand
that, to it, you will hold on.
For we share that perfect love
that can never be bought or thrown.

And I hope this relationship
will never ever end.
To have the perfect life
I would, with you, spend.
I wish I wouldn't hide
the way I always do.
so all I have to always say
“I’ll, forever, love you”

AAA 6/25/06


salam said...

NICE! So was it a special occasion or do you write her poems all the time?

Anonymous said...

Simple, honest, nice piece of flowing passion in easy flowing rhymes.

Good work, good subject, and good choice to whom to write it - I promise you! I know it from past experience.

PS: I loved your site.
Raouf Hinnawi

Bo3Bo3 said...

thanks , no special moments, just..umm..u know, sitting alone in the hotel room, a man can go one of the two is reflecting on lovd ones.

Thanks dude. appreciate ur words.

kinzi said...

Your wife is blessed! Make sure you get those out and read them together when the feelings are ebbing rathering than flowing.

Anonymous said...

wala bo3bo3 ya mas5ara ..wala nizar qabbani ...hehehehehehe...