Saturday, July 08, 2006

Arabic dancing in wedding

Ok so all those of us who went to weddings, a mixed weddings, saw women dancing. Or those women who went to a seperated wedding, still saw women dance in front of ther women. So lets agree that there is a dance during weddings.

Now, the way dancing is defind in our culture, is specific moves involving the body. Meaning, there is a way to move the body to display some kind of dance. Call it wa7dah w noss or call it arabic dance, the fact remains that the body moves. Without any more elaboration, we all know what is the specific part of the body that moves the most.

I don't know what is the orignation of arabic dance but I would bet that it was derived from the time and era of the "hareem" for the main purpose of entertaining their master, who is of course, a man.

Yet, and through the years, dancing has evolved to be a thing that is done not for the one master. There are night clubs showing women dancers moving their bodies in a way that, we all hope to agree on, entertains the man. To be more specific in this, it's the sexual entertainment, and of course before u hold on ur swords and knock off my head, it is the sexual entertainment that sex is not involved.

Hence, and since most of us agree that the moves of the women's body is aimed to entertain men, why do women dance? What is the pleasure that they et from dancing? Is it just an excercise as many women try to tell us? Is it just an act of social gathering? What is it. Because frankly, when I see women dance, i get entertained. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean I develop any wicked thoughts in my mind. But I get entertained, thats all.
Should women dancing be considered an act of degrading to women? They move their body in a way that is ...ummmm...well u know.

We keep arguing about the era of hareem and how we hate it (I don't ), yet we love one act that was derived from that era, and that is dancing.
Am I expressing my views here? No not really, I am just displaying the circumstances and trying to tackle this phenomena of dancing.
Some times u ask a woman, would u dance in public? and she says no way, I only dance in front of other women, or my husband. Hummmm, why in front of the husband? Is it because there are some moves during the dance that are considered "inflamatory" toward the sexual desires?

And no, this is not like dabkah, there is nothing that inflames the sexual desires in dabka, unless....ok lets not go there, not yet at least.
Yes, a lonely man in a room surrounded by 4 walls can develop wicked thoughts, t7ammalooni for 2 more weeks and then things should go back to normal.


Betqa said...

Well, I think the harem and dancing for a master started later on. Arab dances evolved from African tribal dances and originally it was a "religious" ferility ritual, also sexual in the sense that it it was intended to strengthen the women's muscles in that area to help prepare them for child birth.

salam said...

There's dancing and there's dancing!

O said...

When I read the first few lines I thought that you were going to start commenting on the lack of garments and abundance of flesh in Arabic weddings! Thankfully it didn't go that way.

Let them do whatever they want to do, it pleases us so that is all what matters :p


Flower^Angel said...

dancing was there befor the era of harem ..

Dancing was there from the beginning of time..

Some types has it own meaning ..

there is Hiafa dance , there is Shakira Dance & there is ruby Dance :ch:

Natalia said...

I love to dance. It has little to do with anyone else. It's a great way to get an endorphin-rush. It's all about the way the body responds to the music.

eyad said...

To be honest,I never danced before two months, it was my first dancing, it was in Wadi Rum,oh my god,I liked it,dancing is something i can't describe,you feel like flying,out of your body, and i think that applies to women.

Hani said...


You reminded me of the old egyptian movies, they have to put a dance clip in every movie, other wise no one will watch it!

Majwa Fouad generated millions out of those movies...

Still, I hate this type of dancing, i hate to watch it, because sometimes it looks so cheap.

why in this Arabic dance 95% of the woman body should be exposed?! wouldnt it be with a better custom, i mean, come on!

Bo3Bo3 said...

Thanks for the info. I never knew that before.

looool ummmm well...i mean...:)

Oh absolutly, I do enjoy watching dance

Flower angel
lool now they have labels for them?

Thanks....keep the rush flowing ;)

So do you do the wa7dah w noss?

loool which I won't mind anyway

Hey thanks all for reading, it was supposed to be a sacrasctic attempt by me to look back at the history of dancing and correlate that to women's rights and their views on it

nano1120 said...

Hi Bo3Bo3..

I think you are talking about belly dancing, which is my no. 1 passion..

When a girl till you she does it for exercise, beleive it, because i lost 20lbs. just from shaking it!!

Regarding women dancing for men, let's look at it this way: does american girls HipHop just for the sexual amusment of men?

I think there are many reasons for dancing:

1- Dancing in Happy occasions: it's an expression of happiness which people automatically feel like doing, i think bopilogecally it helps release the energy formed by excitment (Adrenalin).

2- Seducing: Well, it can be a method of seduction which a woman performs to seduce indirectly, because beilly dancing is the most sensational form of dancing, right after that comes tango.

3- Exercise: Belly dancing deals with a common syndrom that meddlieeastern & black women have: Giant hips, it is the ideal excercise to help loose weight at that area (beleive me it works) also it's considered a good cardio excersise.

4- Well, it's just a great fun for women to reach their ultimate contact with their feminine..

faga3t marartak sa7?

ahmed_alaraby said...

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Bo3Bo3 said...

lool me love this excercize

ahmad el3araby
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Anonymous said...

just when you think we are in time that abvious things are...well Abvious!..and why do some men still think that the world revolves around me?!
dance is an expression of joy..or sadness or appreciation to musical notes ..some sense that propels us human to do but again we mutelate it by social judgment of morals...a female when she dances is out to get a man, and a man will threaten his manhood if he dances!

louhanna said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey bo3bo3, I am a female arabic DJ that plays music and livens parties for all female parties and after reading your thoughts on why women dance here is what I have to tell you. Well, we have to specify, we're talking about Arab women here.

Do you know that most arab women dance alone at home, with the radio on to Nancy Ajram or whoever in front of a mirror? Do you think its because they are trying to turn themselves on? Of course not. Its because its in their nature to always try to be the best "beauty" wise, and rivalry and competition for the most beautiful girl, is something innate in women. Its natural for them to want to be the best belly dancer, the most beautiful woman.

So at my parties when women dance, they release energies they cannot release anywhere else. Dancing is a great way for them to vent their frustrations. And at the same time, they are competing with the next girl for moves.

I strongly believe that Arab woman dance because it makes them feel more powerful personally, it releases a certain type of energy and makes sure they can always compete with the next dancer, it helps their self esteem.

Hope this helps you understand why Arab women like to dance 3ala wa7da we noss, in front of each other.