Friday, July 28, 2006

Arab politics?

There is always this struggle inside us, between the desire to see our final goal finally become realty, and between realty. Every time there is any leader that screams off the top of his long “feath to Israel, gather around me arabs” we start chanting “go33333 yasamak alba7r”. That is normal I think. It’s because we are so eager foe anyone to lift us from this miserable situation we are in. The feeling of dismay and loss. We see our societies drown and we see our Arabism, Islamism, or whateveralism always in a state of ..ummm..a sate of…lets call it for now, in the bottom of the food chain. So yes, we naturally react with fever. However, once the blood rivers stop flowing, each one of us goes home to his/her normal life awaiting the second victim so we can go at it once again. That’s one side of the coin.

The other side is our realization of what is realty. We make fun of people who tell us that we should calculate our actions. We should realize the current map of the middle east, and based on it, we should carefully calculate our actions. Then the bombardments of “traitor, 3ameel, motakhathel, ….” Start falling on us like the bombs over south Lebanon.

What is the right course to take? Call for jihadests and start the journey toward the borders of Israel armed with “shabasheb and stones”? Or carefully calculate the current situation? To me, I see it a lose lose situation. You could be called “an idiot who will bring about catastrophe on the land” like nasrallah. Or u could be called “traitor.

I remember yesterday when I was sitting with my wife, reading articles on alarabiya website, and exactly like any typical arab family, we started debating the situation. She felt that this is our chance to eliminate Israel and gather behind nasrallah. I did expect that from her, as she is a very emotional when reacting to news from Lebanon. Me on the other hand, I like calculating (typical engineer). I reminded her with saddam and how Jordanians chanted “belkeemawi yasaddam…” And where are we now?

Call me traitor but I won’t fall again for the typical arab behavior. I will not chant “othrob Yafa yansarallah, othrob dakheelo allah”. Just as I believed that the 1973 war was a fake war to give us “camp david” and just as I believed that saddam’s wars were to give the Americans a foot in the arab peninsula, and again, just as I believed that the intifada gave us Oslo, I also believe that the current war is to force a peace solution on the area that include Lebanon and gaza. Coming soon near u, the final solution for the “Palestinian statehood” and a new Lebanon where we’ll have 25,000 Nato soldiers protecting the northern borders of Israel. Once this happens, we will be in a long “peace for Israel” situation, thanks to our heros, hamas, nasrallah, and the great mastermind, saddam hussain.
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Khalaf said...

My feeling exactly.


curious said...

How old are you? And do you happened to be married?

Bo3Bo3 said...

interesting questions curious. May I ask why are you asking?

at any rate, yes I am married, and as for age, I am 36.

Thanks for reading dude

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