Tuesday, May 02, 2006

You and only you

The wind blows wickedly strong
The moon is high.
Ashes fall like rain
From the blood stained sky.

The heart of the lion…amongst the desert sand
The moon above and the ground below
I shiver with emptiness beneath my cover
For you…..only you…could understand.

I stand alone, reflecting times that are gone
Before an audience of flaming sand
Out of the depths of these darkened wind
I cry unto you, ….for help.

You and I were so beautiful
While our time was cut short
It's hard to believe I'm so alone
And in these ashes I am standing without a sword.

I always knew…that I could fly
That in my dreams
I could take to the sky
You and only you, could hear these cries

But now I'm chained with a thousand chains
Each day, I awake, I awake alone
And my eternal hunger for you
Sucks out my little-remaining strength.

The world is so damn dark
It begins to rain
Every drop of blood in my vein
Tears me out, screaming of pain.

I can't believe I'm still alone
With sadness I watch, the vanishing throne
Forever upon the great stars of the night
You and only you, could help me fight

For no beauty has ever conquered
The lion’s heart
No, not even close
But I know, the moon never dies.

Bounded by those who I trust
Surrounded by those that understand
I'd hold you here always if I could
For I can still hear you singing to me.

The winds come again
The breeze is closer and closer
Must be you, and only you
I could finally ..............see your face.

AAA 5/1/06


nano1120 said...

And my eternal hunger for you
Sucks out my little-remaining strength

right through the heart,
Amen man, Amen..

Adib said...

nice words man

Anonymous said...

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