Saturday, May 20, 2006

Slipping away

I very honestly hesitates do much before writing this. Thats because it may send conflicting messages. However, I found that a fadfadah relieves the pressure that is building inside one's feelings or soul.

Many of us (if not all) claim that they control their lives when it comes to actions. They feel strong about themselves. They can swear to you that if they are find themselves in a specific situation, they would manage to take command of their ship, and sail to the safety of the shore. No need to be specific about what a situation may be, we all understand what it could be.

But how cananyone be sure that indeed they can control their ship? Have they been there? Have they gone through this route before? Experience plays a major part in the decision making when it comes to leading the ship through a thundurous storm and heavy rain, in total darkness of the night. We assume that we could easily do that based on our teachings, morals, and the fear of God. But until we specificallt are faced with such situation, how can anyone knows?

Many changes a person goes through in life. Many situations that will reflect on that person through the life course. But it takes time and actual struggle to build this strong person that can overcome such storm. It has nothing to do with age, not at all. A person could be.ummm 50 years old but if never faced with any storm wouldn't know how to deal with it. Exactly like engineering, what you learn at school (that means college), is very much different than real life engineering.

Hence, enter memories. yes memories. Those of you who seen the work of salvadore dali's "persistant of memories" understand very well that the mmories are the strongest component of a sucessful ship captain. These memories will remain, through the effect of time, and withstand all those materialistic components. They are the weapons and the tools that helps a person lead the ship. These memories don't follow the logic of science (unless you start inserting brain surgery factor into this matter).

Then suddenly, you find yourself alone in this ship, in the middle of total darkness, and heavy storm, seeking a light or any sign to help you captain this ship to safety. But all along, you don't know where to go. You have no cluse how to lead. You dig deeper in your mind seeking any help. And in your memories too looking for ways to study the matter, analyze it, and then perform the captainship you think you could. And if you don't find that, you look around for any other ship, and hope to God that the captain of the other ship is not as lost as you are, and maybe follow their lead.


Khalidah said...

Very interesting way of looking at life's challenges

but you do have a point

Oh how many a ship I have sailed to safety ya Bo3Bo3 ... if you only knew :)

Bo3Bo3 said...


sailing many ships is a great experience. allthough it is an experience of agony and sadness, but once u reach the shore, those memories become ur weapon for the next sail. Thanks for reading.

Anja said...

Hi Amjad (Bo3Bo3)

you writing quite lyrically. I was thinking to ask you if you like to write something like an arabic poem or story cause i am actually working on a book about arabic culture and Jordan. I am a german student doing a trainee in Amman and i am searching Jordan bloggers and people who like writing to take part. Are you interested? Would be nice if you come back to me:

Masalam Anja

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

Anonymous said...

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