Saturday, May 20, 2006

All alone

Haven't been around alot lately. This is a poem I wrote today and hope that it finds a way to your hearts

All alone

Your touch is warm, as the candle next to me
But my heart is cold, as I wait alone…for you
I want to hold you, to feel you near me....
Deep within, I search for a sign, or a clue.

I am still alone.

I hear your voice in my head, a constant reminder
Feel the warmth in the air, it’s you who I desire
A ghost appears from the forest, is it you, oooh the fire
Then I realized, it can’t be you, maybe an outsider...

In this forest, I’m still alone

Nothing moves, no spark of life, not even a sound
So much emptiness, shadows, of the unknown
I sit alone all tired, against a tree that I found
Looking around for a sign, or a message on a stone

Left all alone

The wind started blowing, and the trees made such noise
Frightened, I got up running to all directions, scared
Screaming for you to hold me again, my heart it destroys
I am cold, from passion I’m naked, my insanity is declared

I am lifeless, for I’m still alone

I look at your picture, but all I get, is memories
A Shattered heart's stories, screaming loudly at me
As the night falls, and the rain falls like flurries
Down my face, I again get up, and my life I flee

Scared, I’m still alone

As the sky goes black, and the monsters of the night awaken
Turning my life miserable, constant agony, and sorrow
Could be I’m forgotten, and my soul is forsaken?
The tears running away, I wish I could see tomorrow

A constant reminder, I’m all alone

I hope to hear your voice, to lead me out of this
Or your gentle touch, against my weakened shoulder
Your face I wish for, and the sweet memories I miss
To bring me back from this nightmare, as I’m getting colder

But nothing I hear, just silence, as I realized the truth

Distend to be alone

AAA 5/20/06


Anonymous said...

Hi Amjad (Bo3Bo3)

you writing quite lyrically. I was thinking to ask you if you like to write something like an arabic poem or story cause i am actually working on a book about arabic culture and Jordan. I am a german student doing a trainee in Amman and i am searching for Jordan bloggers and people who like writing. Are you interested? Would be nice if you come back to me:

Masalam Anja

eyad said...

Dear Bo3bo3,
your writings touch something in me,id like to thank you for that,
i'm biased to poetry, i like more than anything else, keep on my friend,i really like what u write.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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