Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On your day

You may be ugly
but your my angel
You may be dry
But in you i see a fountain
You may be lifeless
Yet your why I live
You may be bitter
To me your the sweetes
You may not have mercy
But I can only rest in your hands
You may have angered so many
But my heart is so attached
They may say harsh things about you
But you are always sweet in my heart
You may not be remembered in your birthday
But I've been waiting for this day
To tell you I love you, adore you, need you
Happy birthday Jordan,
without you,
I am not who I am

AAA 5/24/06


Lina said...

beautifully said Amjad!

Bo3Bo3 said...

Thanks lina.

I learned over the years is beauty is in the eyes of those that matters. Not all could see the same beauty when looking at the same matter, and truelly, the beauty of this land is beyond belief for many of us.

Thanks again for reading.

Anonymous said...

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