Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My wife is jelous

Finally, my dream came true. Yeppp....she is jelous. During christmass, we decided to travel to cleveland, ohio to see some friends. Cleveland is the last place I wanna go to, especially during winter. Nevertheless, my wife made lots of friends when we were there. I guess we both fit each others nicely. I'm very social in my nature, and she is twice as much. We got to the hotel late that night, and after a quick dinner downstairs, we decided to call the night off.

The next day, we visited a friend of ours. A jordanian couple, christians, but I won;t hold that against them :). Kidding of course, koll ennas khair wbarakeh. At any rate, my friend's wife is a nice cook, except when it comes to mansaf, no one beats my wife in that catagory. So we had a dinner, some stuffed chicken, and now it's desert time. Now, I gotta be honest and say that my friends wife makes the best "laialy lebnan" ever. And she makes it when I'm there always. I made the "error" one time and complimented her so much on this beautiful dish. Ever sence, she makes it every time we visit them. My wife doesn't like that of course...a woman's thing if you ask me.

As usual, I was living in another world while i was eating layaly lebnan. Before I finished my plate, she brough the second plate to me. I never say no to food, especially if I'm enjoying it. So I started eating the second plate while humming and mumming and living the best fantacy of my life, yes, food fantacy. I complimeted her again, and her husband said "I wish u visit us every wek, because thats the only time she makes it that good". My wife was staring at me with her eagle's eyes as if she was telling me "guess who's sleeping on the couch tonight". But I can't help it. before we left, I asked my friend's wife if she can give the recipe to my wife. She did of course, and she wrote it in details as well. On the drive back to the hotel, I asked my wife if she could make it for me when we go home. She took the notes out and shreded the papers and throw them in my face. Right there, I knew I screwed up so much. I've got burned before on the veal parmasian dish when i told my wife that I had the best veal parmasian in a restaurant. She never made me veal parmasian again, and she makes a great veal parmasian, from the scratsh.

The next day, we visted another couple, from gaza. Great couple I should add. They made the same dish we ate the last time, a baked leg of lamb stuffed with garlic and origano. I once again screwed up. I never learn any lesson at all. I told my wife again if she could at leat try and make the same dish, and her reaction was as the night before. I wish I can keep my mouth shut when it matters. I don't enjoy her veal parmasian no more. she never makes me layaly lebnan nore the leg of lamb. I mean I should know better, for I do sincerly appreciate a good food. I need good food in my life, and I'm paying a heafty price for my lack of "quitness".


Batoul A. said...

lool!! I love how your wife expresses anger. next time shes in a really good mood, ask her to cook you veal parm, or not.. dont ruin that moment for yourself either lol

Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't stop laughing for awhile after reading your post. I have a suggestion for you though. Why not try to cook these meals yourself? Act like you are confused about how it need to be made. Maybe your wife will feel sorry for you and she will "help" you. Then you compliment her BIG time! Make sure you make a big deal same way you made with your friends' foods. Your wife will feel good and you will too (!) since you "need good food in (your) life!"

عبث انثى said...

loooooooooooooool mstaheel :D
bzon eno b3ed halyoumen hadol ma sefe brasak wala sha3ra :p

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

tistahal lol

hahaha never tell your wife someones food tastes better than hers! Always praise her and her tabeekh! no matter how it tastes! even if u get constant is-haaal! Even if you get heart burn! Even if you get food poisoning ! you MUST always tell your wife she is the BEST at anything she DOES! ALways advise people to take HER recipes! Don;t give her recipes! And if you liked a tabkha i think she would be more than happy if you cooked it yourself :)


Diana said...

LOOL, that was funny! :D
OK I hate it when a woman gets angry at something her husband did or said, and he does the same annoying thing again and again.
so, testahal :D

Summer said...

maybe it is time for you to keep those recipes and not give them to your wife...you can surprise her with the dish one day!!! :)

Anonymous said...

lol..damn! i dont blame ur wife...asking for the recipe...ohhhhhhhhhh geez...u have just commited a serious form of adultery! looool