Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A half full cup

As I was dinning alone in this restaurant, I started to stare at the half full (or half empty) glass in front of me. This is not good since my table was the only table with less than two people sitting around it. A bathroom moment came to me. Before you started thinking to much about such moment, it's a moment where I start thinking about things that can only torture my mind.

Is this glass really half full or half empty? Phillosophers spent many years analyzing such statement..or question. I asked myself a question "of wicked self, is this glass half full or half empty"? To be honest, i didn;t know the answer, and was tempted to take a ruler from my case and measure the damn thing. Funny how people tied up this glass concept to life. I mean some will tell you that it's half full to keep hopes and aspiration always alive. Others would say a half empty representing time gone and never to come back. yes, like our own age. Middle age is either sad moment reflecting on all those years (don;t u love the song "holding back the years" by simply red?). Or it maybe a hope for a better second half that you are yet to go through. This is when the great bo3bo3 discovered a theory to fend off all those sad moments that results from starring at a half glass. To me, a half empty glass is good knowing that the other half is sitting somewhere in my stomach (or bladder depending on the speed of the digesting cycle). Yes exactly like the half steak that is sitting infront of me at this moment. I know where the other half is.

Then a thought came across of me regarding this half thing business. White is represents pureness and happiness. As in white christmass or white wedding in reference to the white wedding dress. Black is's evil. But if you think for a moment, you would come to the realization that black is good while white is bad. Black absorbes light and shows it's real identity. White reflects lights and shows whatever it's reflecting. Wicked ain;t it? Didn't i say it's a bathroom moment? darkness is good, according to this wicked theory.

But wait a minute. How did we ended up going from a glass on the table to discussing darkness? Again, this is the beauty of a bathroom moment. I have overlooked the most important thing in all this incident. You see, there was a piece of meat sitting i the bottom of the glass, and this what I should've been focusing on. As to where this piece came from, I'll leave that to your imagination as a moment of bathroom has came right now...this moment, and this is literaly speaking not figuratively.


Batoul A. said...

looll I liked the theories. I had a few laughs. bas when I came to comment fotet bl 7ai6. too many thoughts at once in my head, i feel like I actually have nothing to say, do we call that speechless? yes!

Bo3Bo3 said...

loool..yeah, sure. I'm also sure that sometimes in our minds, we tend to question every theory and try and disprove it somehow. I did on the half glass thingie, now ya'al have to help. :)

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmm..i should say that you have opend the door and now its our turn to discover every single detail in the room...

interesting one bo3bo3..

take care,


7aki Fadi said...

It's half empty if you are really thirsty and half full if you had your fill.

Summer said...

Good to see you blogging again! You have been missed!
A question: Do you really carry a ruler in your bag all the time? i thought rulers became absolute!

Bo3Bo3 said...

lool the skies are the limit. :)

7aki fadi ur saying that it all depends on how ur feeling at the moment. Makes sense.

looool yep..they r absolute. However, I need a ruller and a caliber at all times, and I do carry them in my laptop case. The business I'm in requires handy measuring tools for a quick responce. I also carry a calculater, a small notepad, 4 penciles and my bestest buddy, a pack of sticky note. :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

inta ghaweee bathrooms min iyam ma kunt bi mahjoob lool