Wednesday, January 30, 2008

9 days

9 days...thats the number of days that I have been stuck in tenessee trying to finish some work. No good sign in the horizon yet, but I am going home, regardless. I'll come back later to finish such work, but for now, I feel like a car that is running low on gas, and must refill. A battery that is weakening and I gotta re-charge. I travel alot, but never more than 5 days. This is 9 days straight, including weekend spent in the factory. I wanna go home.

The worst thing about my travel is the night. Once the clock hits 6 or 7 o'clock, I start get into this sad feeling. I gotta eat, and thats my dilema. Not that I eat too much, but the fact that I am eating alone most of those nights. Every night is a sad night for me. being away from my family, spending the nights alone, is what gets me.

Well, tonight was a little different. I went to this hibachi japanese place in Jackson, TN. I was, as most time, alone. I sat on a table, and there was a family. There was once child, probably 7 years old. He looked like my son zaid, so much. I was starring at the kid, and loking back to the chef. Didn't want to give the wronge impression that I was a child predator. But I couldn't help it. The kid was trying hard to use the chop sticks, which I myself don't know how to. So i asked for a "cheaters chop sticks" Those were sticks with a rubber band at the top of it to help control them. I started teasing the kid that i am able to use mine, and he wasn't. Smiles back and forth, and his parents joined in the fun.

Before you know it, I started chatting with the family. You know....about everything, heck, including the middle east policy, which I try to avoid. The kid looked at me and said "heeeeey, your cheating" All were smiling and he managed tp use his sticks.

Nights like that makes me ease some of the pressure of traveling. It ain't fun, ya'al. loool I am starting to sound like a southern tenessee dude.

The light at the end of the tunnel. I called my boss, whos in spain for some meetings, and told him that I am going home. he agreed and wished me well. I booked the nearest open flight, friday at 9 am from memphis airport. I am going home. I need to be home.


Crimson^ said...

el7amdella 3al salameh ya mr. Bo3Bo3.. being lonley is one of the harshest things in this world..

elmohim u back to your family now..

Batoul A. said...

:( I can feel el sadness. 3njad its terrible to be lonely, especially when you know you can be somewhere better.

Summer said...

Have fun with your family this weekend. Enjoy!

Bo3Bo3 said...

oooh's so nice to be home...finally.

:(...I also found out that I'm traveling this week, and next week as well :(..few days here and there.

I em enjoying it so much now...thanks.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

didnt i leave a comment here ? laliesh masa7ato :(


Anonymous said...

man, ma 3reftak 7assas haik.

gal feeling lonely gal :ch:

eman said...

u hv a living creature that holds ur letters ! its funny how u started to feel like belonging to him! more than his need for belongong to u ! this is what is called fatherhood ! enjoy :) & may alah gives u the years of wellness to see him feeling the same for his kida .. abo zaid ! :) lovd the blog :)

Batoul A. said...

Its been 7 months, I hope your doing well.