Monday, April 17, 2006

I have sinned

yep, I did. I stand in front of you all and seek forgiveness. I seek forgivenes from my wife and my son for I have sinned the big sin. But I also want to express my weakness, not to give myself an execuse or justification. Damn it, I have sinned.

I never thought I'll ever make such sin. I know that I am weak, and I know that I can cave in for pressure, but to commit the great sin, I never imagined myself doing so. So i stand before you, weak, naked from any mask or cover, and ashamed of what I did. Have I gone back in time, jut 2 days, i would have never sinned. But a weak bo3bo3 is typical in our days these days.

I have sinned, a sin that many of you would feel strong against. Yet, my macho manhood, or that "guy thing" song I keep singing failed me.

But before I tell you my sin, I ask all of you to not view me based on this sin, but to view me based on what you know me with. For a moment of weakness shouldn't be the basis of judgment.

I have sinned, forgive me all, specially my wife and my close ones. I declare that I have failed you, when you were looking at me to lead. I have failed you when you rely on me to stirr the ship. I have failed you when you have your total trust in me.

I have sinned, yes, I did. I am drinking a decafe coffee now after all those years of macho manhood of full thrust of cafien dose, so will you find it in ur hearts to forgive a weak soul, like this one?


hamede said...

I have a big heart so i am going to look around to forgive you.

hareega said...

start praying the coffee won't be pregnant

Bo3Bo3 said...

LOOOL hareega, I was under the impression that decaf is the gay equivelent in coffee. So no worries there buddy, I took precautions. LOOL

Khalidah said...

Being a non-coffee person myself .. of course I forgive you as I have sinned way before you did :)

Abu 7amarneh said...

who havent dude?
you are forgiven

nano1120 said...

If that's a sinn, then i most be praying day & night for GOD to forgive me, i committe this sinn everyday, morning, at work, after lunch, evening, before bed..

Sinns are so delecious that you wish to keep doing them.. Be carefull..

Wael Attili said...

Ya zalameh saga6 galbi wa ana 3am baqra2 el post.. 3ala el 3omom 7asal 7'eer

Bo3Bo3 said...

hamede, khalidah, abu hamarneh, nano, and wael. Thanks for reading. I know I may have misslead you early in the post, but heck, why not, it's fun. LOOL