Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The concept of time?

everything has a begining and an end, then where is the begining and the end of a circle?
If the time concept has a starting point, and an end point, then why the start and the end point of a square are the same? are we to go back to the point of start? Then what?
What if you can sneak a look at the future, without time travel? Instein never said that you can't look into the future, but he did say that physically, you can never be in the future.

Some researchers look at the time concept as a wheel, and the fact that with the correct energy (theorotically), we can get out of this wheel (like quantom physics). But many researchers fail to relaize one thing.

Thats is :what is the concept of time? here is something to scratch the surface of this issue. Is time, the turning of this wheel (i.e. revolution of earth...) or it's something else?

Well, imagine that you stopeed this revolution, hence, the time is stuck now, say at 5 pm afternoon. Now, 20 years later, would you look the same as you do now? Keep in mind that we stopped the physical revolution of earth. Or you will look 20 years older? If the answer is the latter one, then time is being missunderstood. It's not the revolution of earth, but something that we don't understand, yet we feel, and live every day. It's something that you can not control.Think of it this way. To control time, it means that you will control all things that are assoicated with it, such as the day and nigh; and the aging process. Can u stop the aging process?

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KeKo said...

hummm..should I or shouldn't I comment... the reason for the hesitation is that it would be very difficult to resist going into conceptual and quantum physics! but I'll say this: every one experiences (time-travel) every day when you look at a star in the sky you are seeing something which happened along time a go. The revolution of the earth is not time, it is just the easiest way for us to feel it (lock someone in a room long enough and they will loose all concept of time). As for things as well as a beginning and end the most important part is the middle which is often ignored.
Ah and as for the circle/square people tend to get that view with 2 dimensional objects generally because in a single simple movement you cover the surface of the entire object, the real world however is a minimum of 3 dimensions.

Interesting post and time is certainly a fascinating concept.
PS. I know the post is not intended in a very serious nature, but I just thought I would indulge my self :)