Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The man creature

We tend to overlook this creature. Concentrate alot on the greatness of woman, that we forget to even pay attention to this creature. Pregnancey, opression, second hand class citizen, crimes, and all those negative things that happen to women, underestimate the needed discussions or attention to man. Man. Man? :sigh: yes man.

Man, is a great creature. Loves, just like she does, cries, just like she does, feels, again just like she does.

Giving, you asked? Yes, man is a very giving creature. Works so many years, never complains, to make sure his loved ones survive.

Loving, you asked? The greatest love poetry was written by men. They say that poets don't lie, and then tend to express true emotions.

Caring, you asked? ooooh yes, very caring, to mom, dad, and all his family.

Sacrificing? oh yes. need I elaborate?

Man, we tend to overlook his feelings, emotions, laughter, and tears.

Oh well, he would never even complain, except me.


kinzi said...

Well said, Amjad. And actually,IMO when the 'man creature' thrives in his strengths, the 'woman creature' thrives in hers. Perhaps we need to pay more attention!

salam said...

Are you calling fo equality?Bo3bo3?well you have a long way to go before we can actually buy your cause and give you our compassion!LOL

Bo3Bo3 said...

men are poor people, overlooked.

looool never imagined the day that I call for equality rights for men, but hey, it's the new world order. where is the heart and love? LOOOL

Nas said...

pinkey, i constantly complain

Bo3Bo3 said...

Nas (aka brain)

missed u dude, how things going on north of the borders?

yeah, I complain then I exist. Can u imagine men 100 years from now going in demonstrations demanding equality rights? Dude, the end is near I tell ya. LOL

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

wara2 kol rajulin 3atheem 2imra2ah hehe

evil laugh.... im not a feminist.. nor am i against males.. but i guess women get more attention cuase they need it...we are emotional ,, men are 7aytan hehe sooo thus we get the attention !!

:P *runs