Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I want to die
(inspired by the song Vorreri Morire for Andrea Bocilli)

I want to die..in a field of heavenly grass
Starring at beautiful clouds as they pass
Feeling the western breeze toward me mass
As my soul departs ..leaving me a carcass

I want to die while seeing your smile
Watching you happy and in such style
Feeling your heart beating for a long while
Of happiness, as I walk the long mile

I want to die, while touching your face
Remembering your love, that I still embrace
Sweet memories that I can never erase
Leaving this doomed world, without a trace

I want to die, sitting beneath a tree
A happy ending, for we both agree
A love that is never meant to be
And doomed for failure, I’m glad that you see

But I know my death, as it will be violent
Screams and agony, but never silent
A wicked life, God knows how it was spent
Too late for any recovery, too late to repent

So go ahead, take such miserable soul
You are only leaving, an unnoticeable hole
In a beautiful world ….so magical as a whole
But this soul of mine, is simply out of control

So yes, I want to die..I daily for it, pray
Release my pain, and set me astray
From humanity that is in total dismay
Yes..I want to die..please….show me the way



Anonymous said...

that was nice

Rambling Hal said...

Wleeee! bimillah ya rab allah yustor! Shoo sayer balla? :D

Bo3Bo3 said...

it's just poetry loool..nothing really..just a poem

Summer said...

i always check your blog for updates . you take your sweet time posting on your blog but when i checked it out today my first reaction is that i had some worries about the untitled post, but i realized it was only poetry....that is very deep!!