Wednesday, April 25, 2007

clarification regarding saudi laws

ok...recently, I've been feeling like a youtube addict. In addition, I'm also feeling an addict on website.

Today, i read a news piece ( regarding a saudi woman with her 2 daughters. It appears that she traveled with her daughters to another town for some exams for her daughters. Her husband was sick in the hospital. Well, this lady tried to get a room in a hotel, but she was rejected because she doesn'y have "mo7ram" with her. She had to hav a male relativenfor them to get a room. So she ended up hiring a taxi and paid the driver money so she, and her daughters, could sleep safely.

Few days ago, I came across a story about saudi sexual harrassment against women. so I checked youtube, and found some disturbing videos. In one video, 3 young saudi's (and the 4th is video recording) are harassing 2 veiled women. They were groping them, touching them in all places, and in an instance, one man holds one of the girls from behind, and acting a sexual act that made me just go insane. The girls were begging these guys, crying, and trying to push them away. Finally, one of the guys may have awakened and started pushing the remaining 2 away from the girls as they ran away. The person recording the tape was yelling at they guys to do more to the girls.

Oh..what about the recent forced divorce because of "3adam kafaa2a"? In one case, the court ruled to divorce a saudi woman, against her will, because her brothers complained to the court that the husband is not fit (socially) to be their sister's husband since he was from a different tribe. The problem is this couple have 3 kids. The wife is in jail now because she refused to leave jail, except to her husband's home, whom she loves.

Sometimes I wonder, is islam really behind this? I am a muslim and I never heard such stories except in saudi arabia. Where are these laws coming from?

Ok..maybe some of my friends (and not friends) call me anti-women. Maybe I am to certain extent, allthough I strongly dissagree, but maybe I am unintentioally. But come on people...if women in saudi arabia are deprived from basic humans rights, how can men live happy? They are fathers, how can they approve such thing to their daughters? Whats the freakin reason or rationale behind preventing women from driving? seriously, did the prophet of islam PBUH say "thow shal not allow his woman drive a car or ride a camel"? I'm just going insane regarding this. And divorcing because the husband is not from a desired tribe? how did this evolve from islam?

I feel pitty for saudi girls..I really do.

And for jordanian girls too. Just yesterday, a father was convicted of raping (yes rape) his 2 daughters at the age of 8, and when they turned 15, after continious rape, they complained to the police. Guess what. The gave him six years jail, and because the mother dropped her rights, he got 3 years now in jail. Thats rape people. In the states, he gets many years in jail. And we blame the western laws and civilization? hell no, God bless america and it's judicial system.



kinzi said...

Hi Bo3bo3! Min zamaan!

I appreciate your heart for women, it shows in your concern for the lack of rights we have in Saudi.

Sel3 said...

wallah ya Bo3bo3 hadol el s3odeye majaneen.
it is really sad what they are doing, but believe me this very far away from being Islam and the problem is they are taken as a representative of Islamic culture. women in Islam are treated in a very fare way, respected and dignified. I think if true Islamic laws was in action it would be different and I think it would be better than the American judicial system.

Anonymous said...

interesting sel3...i would love to see the very fair way women are treated? its true islam gave more freedom to women then they had in arabia for that time but now in our modern age...its still laging behind.. whether its islam or cultural behavior i dont know, ,No one thinks usa judical system is perfect but its the best one going so far.

Sel3 said...

@ Anonymous:
at least in true islam, those boys groping the girls would be punished and that lady wouldn't be divorced from her husband against her will

Anonymous said...

sel3- true doubt about that...and also in the US... but doesnt all the religious rulings come out of saudi? i'm confused again ...*sigh*

Sel3 said...

I replied on my own blog, i didn't want to take a lot of Bo3bo3's space.
and thank you Bo3bo3.

Bo3Bo3 said...

thats ok folks. I'm ok with a great discussion like this.

A Muslim said...

Salam Alykum Bo3Bo3.

I came accross your blog by coincidence and I felt this urge to write to you.

I'm not going to go inot of discussion (if I'm lucky). All that I have to say is that you seem to be a good person, but it is rather obvious that you have a long way to go with regard to understanding Islam and strengethening your faith.

In short, you are taking a judicial case into your hand, judging that what the media reported was 100% true and what the judge (a fellow Muslim I may add) was 100% wrong, just because it didn't fall within your scope of understanding.

"Kafa2ah" is a very authentic Islamic rule that is "widely" (can't underline it enough times) abused. However, I would stop short of calling a case where two parties submitted their argument to a judge and one won over the other anything until I really have full knowledge of the ruling, its basis and the case and it's related parties argument.

The main difference between Islam and any other judicial system is that Islam protected the individual AND the society, not one over the other.

The other point I have for you is with regard to your "flirting" habit. Would you accept it if I flirt with your wife? daughter? mother? sister? the wife of your friend? a girl in the mosque? before you arrived at flirting, I believe you must have had many other violations of Islamic code of conduct, but obviously you were only concerned with that little outcome (which is natural) as opposed to the reasons for it happening (which is unnatural and of your own doing).

I normally give my fellow muslims the highest leve of the benefit of the doubt, and would consider