Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Traveling is not easy these days

oh boy. My flight from indianapolis got cancelled as I was sitting in the plane. So I got out and scrambeled to get another flight to cleveland. I finally found one that goes through cicinatti. I got it and went through security. I only had 2o minutes beofre my flight. They stamped my tickets with "extra security". So I was searched and grilled in questions while I hear my name on the intercom. I finally managed to catch my flight..barely. The next day, I flew back home to indianapolis. The airport was almost closed because it was snowing bad as u'll see in the picture. Finally made it through after spending 40 minutes "deicing" the plane to prevent it from crashing because of ice. I'm home now..but I just sometimes think how on earth I manage to be able to make it home.


el tapatio said...

may be next time you should take the bus:
كليفلاند انديانابوليس وبالعكس

SimSim said...

good that u got home safely ... shoo 7eloo eltalj :( bedna menno shway :(

nano1120 said...

Yeh man, thank god you are home & safe..

I wish we have some snow in amman, it's too dry this season..

MOA_No1 said...

etalej ma elna da5al feyo, bas "extra security" hay 3alek, 7ada besami 7alo Bo3Bo3 etagi allah ya zalame.

bas el7amdella 3a salame.

Summer said...

Elhamdulillah 3ala essalameh!!
can't you take a break from all this travel at least on snowy days?

nido said...

I wonder when will I get the chance to watch it snowing again...they say, it never snows in San Jose!! 7amdillah 3assalameh:)

Bo3Bo3 said...

loool it would've taken me 2 days

allah ysallmek

ur lucky :)

lool allah ysallmak

knock on woods. in all Jan, I spent 3 days traveling. It's usually 2 weeks at least a month traveling

san jose? lucky u. would love to go there

nano1120 said...

Hi, ya bo3bo3 where are you? we missed you, till me your latest news..

Wenak ya zalameh?

Summer said...

Waeinak?? long time no read!!

Summer said...

Wainak?? it has been a while since you posted..hope all is well!

Bo3Bo3 said...

oh nano and summer...thanks for asking. I appologize for dissappearing like that suddenly..it's been a tough few weeks here. Lots of work that I'm even spending family time for work purposes. I'm fine and so is the family..but this work is killing me and the expectations are growing more and more..but doeable inshalla