Monday, January 15, 2007

I hate Chicago..seriously I do

Ok, so I was sitting down in my office going through tremendous emails and suddenly, my boss walks in. “Can you do me a favor please?” he asked. I answered yes sure..whats up? “I have a meeting tomorrow in Chicago, but I can’t attend, can you go there in my place?’. I answered “you ###%^$ and %$#%^^% why the $#$#@@# do this to me” inside my head. But my mouth failed me and said “of course, count on me”. Damn bo3bo3..when will you ever learn how to say NO? So I arranged for the quick short trip knowing that I’ll hate every moment in it.

I got in my car and started driving to Chicago (around 190 miles from Indy). My coworker told me earlier to watch out for ice for the conditions are bad in chicago. I was just pissed off at my self. So I drove..20 miles..and it was raining..then 80 miles later and around Gary, Indiana, the snow rain started to look like snow, and the roads were ugly. I knew my day wasn’t got any better. I stopped for my red bull booster and went back on the road. The roads started to look uglier. Finally, I was on I-80. Constructions and trucks. At any rate, I called my wife asking if she wants anything from Chicago. She said bread/hummus, foul, cheese, ……..” Oh my God, now I have to stop on my way at “alrasheed stores”. So I stopped to get the stuff she asked for. No, I don’t follow her orders and she is not controlling me..but we both agreed that her opinion is what counts always .

I also decided to stop at the Nile restaurant for a falafel sandwich. I just love their falafel. Then drove to the hotel, about 15 miles north of O’hare on I-294. Only to discover that this hotel has decided to go smoke-free 2 months ago. Can my day get any worse than this? Oh yes it can. I’m looking from my window now and all I see is snow. Tomorrow’s drive to the meeting will be as ugly as it can get.

I hate Chicago so much. I end up staying 30 miles from downtown, and I a hotel that I can’t smoke in, and surrounded by snow. God, take me out of this misery…I hate Chicago.


Salam said...


WARNING:Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to

kinzi said...

Amjad, ohh, thanks for the memories! I-80, Highway of Perpetual Construction! I'm sorry you hate Chicago, I just love that place...well, at least flying into it! NOT driving around it.

Hey, I missed that you guys made it to Indy. Mabruuk!

What a great hubby, driving through the weather to get his bride her hummous fix. That is true, sacrificial love in action.

I second Salam: QUIT IT!!

Anonymous said...

in san jose, ca, we are supposed to get 300 days of sunshine a year. this morning, my motorcycle was covered with a layer of ice as temps. went down to high teens. that might be a nice day in Chicago, but IT IS CALIFORNIA. anyways, at least you did not have to sit on ice.

Bo3Bo3 said...

loool..wallahi I'm thinking of it seriously..i have to for the sake of my loved ones at least

ooh another anti-smoking nazi (smiles). They have fixed I-80..almost done..but it's too much hassles. I only drive on it for 21 miles, but enough to give me headache. Few weeks ago, it took me 2 and a half hours for that 21 miles stretch. Yes, I got some shawarma, and hummus/falafel..and it was hubba hubba :)

loool 300 days of sunshine? U deserve at least few days of icy weather.

salam said...

isma3 ya bo3bo3..i have been campaigning for tis so hard since the new year eve, So far two people took my advice and stuck to it,my biggest success of course was making my husband quit nearly 2 years from now on I will starting nagging you in every post..exactly ,not for your sake but for your children and wife at least!

Anonymous said...


yeah, the hell with him. it is the children :)

Anonymous said...

Amjad!!! How did i miss this post??
Sorry you hate Chicago this much...i love the place! But anyway, i hate driving in the snow and the icy roads are not just appealing to me in the winter time!!! Look at the bright side of the trip, you got your Arabic food fix and got stuff to take home for the family...also, it could have been worse and taking you a lot longer on the roads if the snow was heavier and the roads are not as clean...but i am glad you stayed in a smoke free hotel, little by little you will get used to NOT smoking and you will be smoke free soon!! here we are , three anti-smoking Nazi, nagging you until you quit smoking. i am joining Salam in her nagging too!

Anonymous said...

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zaid m said...

he he... who said that we don't ask for directions, we also can't say no to the boss. kinzi ,i say it's all the shawrma not the falafel fault :)

Aladdin said...

"No, I don’t follow her orders and she is not controlling me..but we both agreed that her opinion is what counts always"


I liked how you explained it :D

So you had a good falafil sandwitch and got to buy some good arabic food, and also see snow, and you complain :smilie 5af 3aglo:

Amjad man ... your lucky :D :smilie Kori, 2l2am min al9eeni: